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    McLaren M20#73

    Looks grear!
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    M6B Tragic

    I like the thermostat!
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    Hello! and Ferrari 512M project

    Welcome! Looking forward to your build.
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    McLaren M20#73

    Looks great! I always wondered how long it took McLaren to make them and how many guys on a car?
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    Red car in Iowa

    And yes I'm fixing the Ackerman and recounting the rack.
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    Red car in Iowa

    I'm doing paddles too!
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    Red car in Iowa

    Finally got the titanium steering arms done.
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    Red car in Iowa

    I have a m6gt body. I'll have to make frame for that one.
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    Red car in Iowa

    Thank you! 911 Porsche
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    Red car in Iowa

    I got the rest of my custom titanium for my exhaust Pictures? I'm just now trying figure that out. I have a prius rack too and I'm using the column also to keep a bunch of switches off the dash and close. I will have some on the steering wheel also.
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    Red car in Iowa

    One shock in place
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    So you you are buying it correct. ;-)
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    Red car in Iowa

    Rack mounted now working on steering arms then check bumpsteer and adjust.
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    Build table

    In use now.
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    Red car in Iowa

    New shocks and a little more progress
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    Red car in Iowa

    Changed a-arm design to miss springs.
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    Now that's how you show em tail lights.
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    DIY mkiiA sump tank

    Ask Charles Farley I bet he has seen inside of one. Rod
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    McCopy mk 5

    Very nice!