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    Bob's EV SLC Build Log

    This is awesome. I've been seriously considering doing something similar with my extra SL-C chassis and will be following this with great interest.
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    Jimmy... Fort Worth, Texas, USA area

    Jimmy, cool stuff. Rick Mears is building a RCR GT40 out in your area. Maybe he will weigh in or uou can find his build thread.
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    SLC fuel system

    It would help if I could learn how to post photos. Can someone fix that?
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    SLC fuel system

    Like the others have said, nice job on the fuel system. I did something similat but relocated some ports on the swirl tank to minimize hose used.
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    There are several in the Dallas area. And we need an excuse to all get together so come on over. :)
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    Ford Vs Ferrari Premier Movie Event

    That was a fun event and the movie is worth seeing.
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    ***SOLD Superlite SL-C For Sale ***SOLD

    Dang, lot of car for the money!
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    CamT's build thread

    I must say, I think the yellow looks much better than the green. Fantastic!
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    CamT's build thread

    Looks great. Now both Cam's have yellow!
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Battle scars! :)
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Best wishes Howard!
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    Joining the Family

    Yes, he built a bunch of cars for the movie. 20 something if I heard correctly.
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    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    I always get a fair amount of attention at gas stations in the Cobra, but the SL-C is on a whole different level. I don't think I've ever gassed up without at least one person wanting to talk about the car and take pictures. Even non-car people are interested. One lady said "I don't care about...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Looks like the steering column might be challenging also.
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    I'm taking my cobra to the first showing in Dallas.
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Nice work as always. I'm jealous of your flat floor. :) I was confused on the steering rack at first, then remembered it will be RHD, right?
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    Got it Tagged and titled.

    Nice. I lived there for a few years. I think Mike Fling in up in your neck of the woods. Keep an eye out for the regional meet that is being talked about.
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    I know you know this, but be sure to test fit the roll bar and spider before making the final determination of where you mount your seats.
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    Got it Tagged and titled.

    nice! Where in Oklahoma are you? John
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    Mesa, yes, I'm very glad since I have been following this thread and was about to embark on the upgrade. Not sure where those spacers go yet. I've ordered the hubs and will post progress pictures when the hubs arrive. John