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    Lancia with a Zf-25-2? watch the first couple minutes shows side and end views.
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    New 40?

    SPECS / REVIEWS FOR SALE SEMA Oct 4th 2018 at 1:45PMSuperformance 'Future GT Forty' with turbocharged V6 coming to SEMA Show It uses a modified version of the new GT's 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 Zac Palmer Superformance has made plenty ofGT40 replicas in the past, and it's bringing a new one...
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    Steering collumb

    What steering collumb is the smallest that anyone is using?
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    Red car in Iowa

    Build table is done and overhead crane is up. Now to get car on the table and start. I bought my Manta Mirage when I was 16 finished it the summer of my senior year and drove it very little , went to college got married, had kids, started a business, got hit by a car as a pedestrian, lost a...
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    Build table

    I've aquired my 5x5x1/4 I-beams to start my table I'm asking for suggestions on how tall and wide to make working surface 36”?48"? I have heavy adjustable screw legs from scaffolding with lockable wheels. It will be 10ft long also which should be long enough. Any suggestions welcome. Rod
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    I was looking at a picture of a museum in Utah an they have cobras and gt40's and behind one of the cobras is a t44 and it looks like it tastes a torque converter on it is that true? I will try to see if I can figure out how to post it.Rod
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    Front lift

    I saw in J Salmons RCR build he refers to front lifts he I stalled new Penskie shocks so I don't think it is what I have seen before air ride that you can adjust what else is out there? Rod
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    Single tail lights

    Where is everyone getting the rear tail lights(single) and front headlights like the original ones?
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    Gt40 zf transaxle. case top mount

    Looking for the zf top case mount that is part of the zf that has the two loops that it hangs from.