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    WTB- Hella 90mm low beam headlight

    Anybody have an extra you want to get rid of? Thanks, John
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    SL-C electric water pump questions

    I'm considering adding a supplementary electric water pump at the radiator to improve flow. At this point I intend to leave the mechanical pump on the engine (LS3) and wire the electric pump to come on when the fans come on at 180. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. I have the upgraded...
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    Another SL-C finished in Dallas

    Well, almost finished. But it is registered and titled. Thanks to Cam in Dallas. I wanted to build one of these ever since I ran across his build thread here, then it sealed the deal when I saw his car in person at Cars & Coffee and he took me for a ride. wow. Thanks also to Fran and the team...
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    2018 Le Mans

    Anybody going to be there the week before the race this year? If so, perhaps we can arrange to get together for a beverage (or two) . John
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    LS3 water pump rotation?

    It seems like the water flow on my cooling system is opposite of what I want it to be. I want the flow to exit thru the t-stat and go to the high side of the radiator on the passenger side and return thru the low side of the radiator on the drivers side. Just warmed the engine up to full...
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    RCR XJ13 article in Reincarnation

    Nice writeup: Jaguar XJ13 replica | ReinCarNation Magazine
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    SLC - Flasher Wiring

    Looks like a switch needs to be added if you want 4 way flashers. I've checked the wiki and manual but don't see anything on that. Anybody have a diagram for that? There is a lead on the Infinity Box harness. So can i just use a simple spst switch with one lead to to the switch and the...
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    Chevy of the 40's hose routing

    Anyone have a diagram of the heater hose routing for the Chevy of the 40's heater control valve? Thanks, John
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    FGT wins class at 24 hours at Daytona

    Wasn't last year the first event for the new FGT? Pretty good year for them.
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    RCR LS3 front dress kit

    Does anyone have a photo of the front of an LS3 with the RCR front dress kit installed? Thanks, John
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    Brake pressure valve needed for clutch?

    Question for the SL-C guys: I'm installing the 2 lb brake pressure valves to my pedal assembly and wondered if you guys use one for the clutch also? Seems like similar fluid dynamics would apply but could not find anything in a search, the wiki or the manual. Thanks, John
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    New Member

    Greetings all, Just joined. My sons and I are building a FFR cobra replica, but we want to run webers and were referred to this site as THE place to go to get good weber info. Just started looking around, but there are some really nice rides here. Maybe we'll do a GT40 when we get done with...