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    Kar-Kraft assets purchased to yield more Mk IV

    Wonder if the rights to the t44 went with this deal too?
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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    I would agree with Kevin. All cars built after 1969 are replicas, not 'real'. That being said it depends how close to an original is important to you. Safir and SPF are very similar and offer continuation chassis # if that has any importance to you. I've had an SPF for 12 years and love it. Only...
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    GT40s @ Goodwood

    I believe all the AM chassis (5) were that way. Also the tub construction was lighter weight with aluminum roof spider and body panels.
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    What might you do?

    It depends on how much originality matters to you. It mattered most to me and I got an SPF over RCR and other choices. The build quality is excellent with great panel fit and paint. I've been very happy over the past 12 years and would make the same choice now.
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    Roll Cage question .......

    Thank you Frank. Very informative.
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    Fuel pump discussion.

    I've had the best luck with Carter 4600HP. Worst luck with Holley gerotor pump. Shaft seals leaked after just a couple of years (twice). The Carter supplies plenty of fuel for track days with my Roush 427SR.
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    Brake calipers for 15" rims

    Superformance uses Wilwood Forged Narrow Superlite 4 Radial Mount calipers with (4) 1.75" pistons. Rotors are 11.75" diameter 1.25" thick vented Wilwood. Aluminum hats are also Wilwood, but unique to Superformance application. Caliper mount is custom aluminum bracket. Front and rear are...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    And where in the U.K. can you drive 149+ mph legally? Apparently it's your law (or insurance rule) but what's the logic?
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    cluch problems

    Try bleeding the clutch master and slave to start with.
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    GT40 vs 2020 Corvette

    Jack, I have a Lotus Europa with a Ford Zetec engine as well as the Superformance GT40. The Superformance is similar to the Europa, but much faster. The Europa is more nimble and brakes better. Both cars are loud inside. My wife will ride in the Europa, but not the GT40 because Superformance...
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    GT40 vs 2020 Corvette

    I would not buy or build a GT40 as an investment. Granted my Superformance has appreciated some since I bought it 12 years ago, but with this economy I would expect values to decrease a lot. GT40's built by owner like RCR, etc. don't even appreciate as much as Superformance. Bottom line is buy...
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    Heavy steering

    Is this a recent development? Have you checked the condition and tightness of the nylon cups in the lower ball joints?
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    2020 RBT ZF transaxle power/torque ability?

    The vast majority of GT40's running at Goodwood are Mk1 with 289c.i. Ford and ZF trans. I do recall a couple of Mk11's in 2013, but they have T44 trans. Even replicas of T44's are almost unobtainable. ZF (and the RBT replica) can handle the torque of a racing 289, but they're marginal for the...
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    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Actually SPF already does that on LHD cars. I would have preferred the seats were equal width as my wife thinks the RH isn't comfortable and the LH seat is too wide and needs additional padding to keep your butt planted while cornering. RHD SPF's are equal narrower seats as the gearshift is on...
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    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Ditto to Doug's suggestions. Also rear view mirrors. I stuck small convex mirrors on my regular mirrors to get wider field of vision. Be very careful changing lanes.
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    Brake Reservoir Update

    Look at what Kirby did in his Oct. 2012 post above. Admittedly he has a lot going on there with the fire bottle and water hoses. I did single plastic reservoirs and hung them off the square tubing supporting the nose. For hose and parts check
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    2020 RBT ZF transaxle power/torque ability?

    Single plate McLeod #272180R disc which is ceramic puck/fiber combination. Not sure on McLeod pressure plate, but not an excessively heavy one. I'm still using the RBT, but no more track days and no problems in street use. In talking to Lloyd he admitted there is a limit with slicks and over...
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    2020 RBT ZF transaxle power/torque ability?

    I have an SPF with CV's. I'm not hard on transmissions. The RBT is the only trans I've broken (twice) in 30 years of racing. This includes a SwiftDB4, Brabham BT38, and IMSA GTU Datsun 280Z. Admittedly not as much torque as a Roush 427SR. The RBT sheared 4th gear teeth off after 10 track days...
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    2020 RBT ZF transaxle power/torque ability?

    My experience with over 500 ft. lbs. torque is an RBT will not stand up to multiple track days with slicks. The weakness is 4th gear.