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    T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

    Hi guys. When I logged on before it said I hadn't logged on since 2008. Can't recall if that correct or not so have to assume it is. Good to see more T70 stuff going on now than in the past. I've given up on that work for a living rubbish. It was interfering too much with T70 building, so...
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    T70 MkII Engine Mounts

    Would anyone be able to help out with some photo's of original T70 MkII Spyder engine mounts. My only reference has had the backend completely changed, including a longer wheelbase.
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    Porsche Trivia Quiz

    Does anyone know what these front uprights are off. The brake caliper lugs have been extended over the original. Small bosses on the side are for brake cooling ducts, large one in the middle is where the stub axle goes, and the other two should be hollow fo the centre core box.
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    908 / 917 15" one pce wheels

    Any interest in one pce 908 / 917 15" wheels. Currently have 3 pce design, but had some interest in one pce and my pattern maker has made an offer to good for me to let pass. 15x9 & 15x12 will be first, but inserts to produce and width and offset will follow shortly after. Looking at...
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    T70 Spyder Restoration

    Does anyone have any pics of the T70 MkII Spyder door hinges they could please email me.