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  1. Great Asp

    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Gentlemen, I would like to hear from you amazing men (shameless pandering) about the most common mistakes a new GT40 owner makes. Covid depending, I am 4-6 weeks away from picking up my project at Olthoff's. I have owned a three Superformance Cobras over 22 years, and there are do's and don't...
  2. Great Asp

    XPel, 3M, SunTek clear Protective Film

    I am sure this topic has been discussed before, but I am interested to get some opinions on exactly how much of my GT40 I should protect? The subject is a few of the better brands available, and these days it is common to apply large sections of these films to the areas (or all areas) that...
  3. Great Asp

    Winching the GT40

    So I have installed a winch in my trailer, and plan on winching the GT40 into the trailer rear first. Does the Superformance GT40 have a natural location to tie to in the rear? Eric
  4. Great Asp

    K&N Filters for Borla 50mm throttle bodies

    Does anyone have a part number for the K&N air filters (one for each throttle body) for the Borla injection system? Thanks! Eric
  5. Great Asp

    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    The Megaphones seemed a little loud for the street, the mufflers seemed too quiet. What is everyone running on the street? Is there a compromise? Eric
  6. Great Asp

    Street Driving

    So as I explore my build of a GT40, I will have a few questions from you wonderful people, since you are the experts. I remember before I got my first Cobra I was told how horrible it would be driving it on the street, with speed bumps, pot holes, and more. However that was completely wrong...
  7. Great Asp

    New old guy

    Hello all! Some of you will recognized my sig from Club Cobra, and others will know me directly. I am in St. Louis MO, and currently own my 3rd SPF Cobra (496 BB) I am getting serious about seeing about ordering a MK 1 SPF GT40 (the options are still a little open), and thinking about...