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  1. Hendrickx Paul

    Mk2 nostril hinges found a heap of hinges on this website, perhaps some are correct for your needs? Paul
  2. Hendrickx Paul

    Jokes anyone? - Good taste is something else.... Paul
  3. Hendrickx Paul

    Spa 6hrs, not as we know it.

    Did my pre-booking last week, for Francorchamps, lets see what comes out of it.... Will be a busy period while the 24 hours of Le Mans are just the weekend before.... Paul
  4. Hendrickx Paul

    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Hi, all still the same nearby Le Mans , it seems to flare up a bit here in the region, so protective gear is compulsory in public venue and shops.... Paul
  5. Hendrickx Paul

    Wheel Bearing type (Torrnado)

    Hi All, i have ordered this week bearing kit for my sierra rear wheel hubs on my old kva..... the sierra uprights or scorpio are 5stud (5X112) and have abs sensor axles for this combo i found SKF VKBA 918 AND SKF VKBA 919. And one is lefthand tread 22 X 1,5mm (same size as normal tread...
  6. Hendrickx Paul

    some souvenir for the Le Mans freaks

    1966 medal in second link
  7. Hendrickx Paul

    some souvenir for the Le Mans freaks
  8. Hendrickx Paul

    some souvenir for the Le Mans freaks

    21315-medaille-circuit-24-heures-du-mans-2020-monnaie-de-paris.html Paul
  9. Hendrickx Paul

    If a 917 ------ power?.....
  10. Hendrickx Paul

    Fuel tank location

    As far i know, my car, should have been built by them late 1982 or beginning 1983 my fuel tanks where tringle shape in the side pontons... tanks where connected at the rear and one fuel sender...
  11. Hendrickx Paul

    Fuel tank location

    Hi all, Look at this copy of old document front central fuel tank Paul
  12. Hendrickx Paul

    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Hi Ryan , i think i have similar on the kva and i have one axe going through with 2 quarter inches holes in it... and no grip actually Paul
  13. Hendrickx Paul

    Replace alloy uprights

    Hi all, as for the Granada MKIII uprights,also have a look in the TVR community as TVR where using the same with the mushroom on top Paul
  14. Hendrickx Paul

    New GT40 replica in your team

    Salutations de la Mayenne bienvenue chez les fous Paul