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    Note to self: When building 180 headers for a Clevor...

    the windsor jig doesn't work.
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    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    Finally getting this monster wrapped up. Took this job in before I learned how to say "no". It has been fun though. It's off at the interior shop now, then it goes to the dyno, then off to San Jose California. This car will be getting our new seats. The new seat has a nice curve to it now which...
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    Lola T70 Build

    We're building a nice T70 right now, it's ready for the paint shop. Also have an M6GT in the beginning stages. Chris
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    Active Power/ GT Reproductions

    Active Power/ GT Reproductions News Wanted to clarify some of the changes we’ve made in our marketing strategy and production approach. We brought back the name we started using when we first got into the GT Replica segment back in ‘06/07. Those that have been following us all along know there...
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    Lee Benson

    Does anyone have any info on Lee Benson’s estate? Let me know 440 983 7190 Thanks Chris
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    GT40 Tail Lights

    I found out the hard way years ago when I was prepping 1076 for Monterey. I backed it out of the shop and caught the wheel of the dumpster with the tail light in the parking lot. Ran all over So Cal looking for a replacement Tail Light lens for the one I just pulverized. That's when i found out...
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    Active Power ZSR GT Chassis

    We've been making some updates to the chassis, thought I'd post a link to some new pictures. Chassis - Active Power Cars : Active Power Cars Chris Home - Active Power Cars : Active Power Cars
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    Active Power ZSR GT Coyote

    Rob's Coyote build is ready for the interior shop.
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    Active Power ZSR GT

    Got some pictures from a customer yesterday thought i'd pass them on. Good going Randy. Chris Home - Active Power Cars : Active Power Cars
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    Active Power GT

    Just had our customer send some pictures of his car, he's got about 800 miles on it. 2580 lbs with full tanks.
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    Carlisle 2015

    I want to thank everyone involved that helped make Carlisle 2015 a huge success. We've been displaying at this event since 1995 and wow! business has never been as good. That corner of the Carlisle Fairgrounds never ceases to amaze me. Thanks to Karl, Tim, Richy, Joe, Pat. A team effort I'll...
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    Can Am Film DVD Must See

    I want to highly recommend this DVD to you guys. CAN-AM - A Speed Odyssey I got it for Christmas and have just been blown away by it. They did such a good job with it and just lay out the whole thing with spectacular original footage. It's set up by seasons and by the time they get into the 70's...
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    Bush's Resignation Speech

    BUSH'S RESIGNATION SPEECH The following 'speech' was written recently by an ordinary Maine-iac [a resident of the People's Republic of Maine]. While satirical in nature, all satire must have a basis in fact to be effective. This is an excellent piece by a person who does...
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    Howden Ganley

    I was at the PRI show last weekend and one of the highlights was when I was talking to a supplier and I looked at his tag and it was Howden Ganley. I couldn't believe it. I got him to talk about his career. I didn't realize it but he was the 4th car is the infamous finish at the 1971 Monza GP...
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    Kit Car Magazine Defunct

    Just heard that.
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    Legends of Motorsport

    Does anyone know if that awesome show from the Speedvision days is available anywhere on DVD. I was smart enough to tape some of them when I had the chance but can't believe how much I let get away. Took it for granted when we had it. Racing Chronicles was a good show too. It has to be out there...
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    M6 GTR NASA Competition Coupe

    We're building an M6 GTR for NASA Homologation right now. It's taking shape. NASA is working with us and I hope to have them sign off on it at the Run Offs. We'll have a display there. We're offering the "NASA Competition Coupe Package" for all of our cars. It includes ATL Fuel Cells, FIA...
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    Elkhart Lake Vintage Event - Lola feature Marque

    What a great day at Elkhart. Ran John Deuels car around in the Touring deal. The thing is incredible. The car ran and handled fantastic. spent most of the session chasing a Tasca Ford. What day. There were some real special cars on hand too. The F 5000 show is going to be terrific. I got to...
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    Earls T 70

    Wanted to thank Earl for his patience in taking forever to get his Lola Chassis done and out of here. Hey Earl it's done heading to the terminal. For anyone wondering what was going on at Active Power. GT Reproductions, here's an update. The GT business has taken a back seat to the American...
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    Hey Johan

    What did I see entered for Elkhart, a 962? When did you get that? Chris GT Reproductions