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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    D Type Build Blog. The Question. I have a question. I just took delivery of an RCR Jaguar D Type kit. A detailed build blog will be forthcoming that will likely continue for a couple of years or longer, similar to the blog for the RCR GT40 started more than a decade ago...
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    November RCR Visit

    Ryan and I stopped by for a visit on Saturday. Lots of activity. A group of Arrow's are under construction. Impressive enginering and features - like ease of suspension adjustment. Camber can be changed by simply loosening a couple of bolts and inserting thin plates for precise adjustment...
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    RCR visit

    RCR visit, May 2015 Came to Detroit to visit Ryan. Saw a lot of activity in addition to the Jag, some of which I can mention here. Several SLC’s were in the works. One had a stunning powerplant with twin turbos, intercooled with a separate water cooled intercooler. It also had the most...
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    Chuck and Ryan's Carbon Cub Build Blog

    Order Placed The GT is finished and the bathroom has been remodeled, so it is time for a new project. We have been contemplating building an airplane for some time. After several test flights, many hours researching and exploring options, we have decided to build a Carbon Cub. This is a...
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    October 2013 Visit

    Business took me north, so made a little detour to Detroit. Fran and the crew are focused on VIR a week from now. Lots of work going into the Caddy and the turbo diesel one-off cars. Lots of other things going on with several SLC under construction, a 917, a P4, GT40, and a Jag D Type on the...
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    Fuel pressure regulator question

    Fuel pressure regulator This is an odd situation. The GT has mysteriously just quit running a couple of times, even at highway speed. Today while doing some fine tuning in the shop it did it again. The solution is to remove a fuel line, on either side of the regulator, relieve the...
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    RCR Visit, March 2013

    Business took me north, so stopped by and visited Fran. The new facility is coming along nicely. Very impressive and so much more room than the current facility. Note the picture of the soon to be shop area. A reproduction of a vintage Ford flat bed truck is well under way. RCR...
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    Sudden brake failure

    This question has nothing to do with a GT40, rather it is a 1996 Nissan Maxima. But I need some insight on why there was a total brake failure. A young driver was operating her 1996 Nissan Maxima around 45 mph when the vehicle in front stopped for traffic. She applied her brakes and the pedal...
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    Weber carbs - reversion plate

    What height should the reversion plate set above the top of the velocity stack? I am wondering if there is an optimum space for air flow to the webers. There is easily 1 3/4 of space on our set up, but it looks too high.
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    Weber IDA, timing question

    I am looking for some input from those running Weber IDA on a SB Ford. I have been told by my engine builder that timing should be set at 32 degrees and much more can cause all sorts of nastiness. I have been told by a carb expert that Webers require advancing the timing to 38 degrees and...
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    Avon Tyres

    Avon Tyres We are contemplating upgrading to Avon Tyres. I am wondering if anyone has specific experience using Avon's on an RCR GT40. Want to confirm there will be no issues on fit. The tires we are considering are CR6ZZ. Front: 215/60 15" and Rear: 295/50 15" Roger Kraus Racing is one...
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    Fuel sender - cork gasket

    I have never used any sealant on the cork gasket that seals the sending unit to the tank. Never had a leak. But wondering if some sealant should be used. And if so, what is recommended.
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    GPS speedo, Speed Hut

    Contemplating replacing the Classic gauges with the Speed Hut / Kirkam gauges. Speed Hut has a speedometers that either use a pulse or GPS signal. The GPS appeals to me for several reasons. But I already have a hookup for a sensor if we go that route. Interested in real life experience...
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    Painting over powder coat

    Can one paint over powder coated aluminum? I want to "freshen up" some areas. Wondering if any particular prep is needed. Wipe with acetone? Scotch brite pad? If powder coated aluminum won't hold paint I don't want to attempt it
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    RCR Visit, July 20, 2012

    RCR Visit, July 2012 Ryan and I paid a visit to RCR to visit with Fran pick up parts for our GT40 update. We spent a couple of hours looking around and visiting. There were many projects underway. RCR is busting out at the seams in its current facility. There were two GT-40s: one chassis and...
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    Road America 2012

    Seen at Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI, yesterday. Not like 2009, when the GT40's were being celebrated. Then Ford had a tent full of originals and a large assortment of reproductions filled the display areas. Only saw one GT40 on the track this year.
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    Gauge calibration / rebuilding

    Fuel Pressure Gauge, March 22, 2012 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comWe picked up an original style Stewart Warner 2 5/8” fuel pressure gauge on E Bay. We would like to have it refurbished and calibrated and don’t know who to send it to. A quick internet check revealed...
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    Ford Boss block

    Getting ready to build our next SBF engine. The engine builder I am working with has highly recommended a new Ford Boss block. I understand it will be compatible with all the external accessories that would otherwise fit on a seasoned block, but will also handle a bit more power. Obviously...
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    Airplane build

    I know many who frequent this forum are pilots. So I am curious: who has built an airplane? Looking for our next project . . . .
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    Rcr gt 40

    YouTube - ‪GT40 Drive‬&rlm;