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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    I just seen the movie yesterday, was absolutely nice one. Great actors are a warrantee the movie is not a "fast and tuning" whatever. Some minor observations about cars involved, and I personally didn't know so well the history of Ken Miles. Being Italian, was nearly funny to see us, the mafia...
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    good luck with this nice build. it is really extreme modelling. I can ensure you at the end of the journey you will have a masterpiece and one of the best investment ever. A friend of mine just finished a wonderful tornado 3 months ago spending around 100k euros. The car is now in Germany he...
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    Rcr 962

    very interesting. didn't know Fran makes also this legend. Wonder if it is possible to have also in long tail /imsa config. This car is one of my fav racer ever. I've recently seen an original racing in Monza and I was so impressed how old fashion looks the alu monocoque of this car (rivets and...
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    Calling Old Members

    I still consider this one my fav. forum ever. The level of discussion was always very high and no fights at all. this is nearly impossible in social networks today. personally, I gave up a little with the dream to own a gt40, for personal issues have other priority and honestly, all my model...
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    Where is Keith1?

    so nice to hear from Keith again :) feels like an old friend I never met :) sometimes I'm back here and is nice to hear from you guys like many years ago. take care
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    Love gt40 FB modelling page..

    thansk Randy. Time by time I take a look at my fav forum ever. :) , always a lot of great infos and the car, is always the nicest ever for me.
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    Love gt40 FB modelling page..

    I get this name when Ron re-organized the forum, several years ago.:laugh: Since then it is nearly become my "virtual-official" name worldwide for my model productions. I know many of you out there are modellers too. Here is then my facebook modelling page, take a look if you like stuff in...
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    Porsche 917 - am I crazy?

    very nice thread to read. The crossing dream of a 917, Also I would certainly go for an RCR car. I like Fran models, not a secret. Btw if you already switch to a Gallardo (and I just seen the Trofeo yesterday in Monza), consider also contact AF corse and ask for a used 458gt2. I discover in...
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    Trumpters 1/12th MKII kit improved

    No,is not new. That model is nice for the scale, but lacks in too many details and has mistaken wheels. There are several detail set, quite pricey to improve trumpeter kit. Taken by heart and passion I bought it immediately when it arrived on the market (think 2008..more or less), then sold it...
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    No Merry Christmas from Starbucks!

    lol..and they cal it "coffee"... LOL.. ciao pete ! ciao rick ! keith, after many years I still love you :D
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    CAV or SPF GT40?

    very interesting thread btw. After soem years I also was curious to see which car was the "best" around :D ..and wonder what the guy starting this discussion bought? guess..lambo or whatever? Dunno about F430 today....looks already sooo oldfashion (ok,let's say just OLD..) if compared to "our"...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    will try explain my opinion. Fran you well remember surely how much I deeply loved your works, all of theme, and to see your production is a great pleasure. I still save nearly under glass, that wonderful company jacket you sent me. Too cool really. My work is similar for some points of view to...
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    that's why.. I love gt40 ! driver got definitely balls. :stunned:
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    Before its too late

    while this one is for David, cause I know he likes those palces. Tuscany, agriturismo in the nearby of San Giminiano (Siena). Hope you like it :) ...and buy a Ferrari ! :) :)
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    Before its too late

    here Swede are totally mad for cars. I've never seen so many, stunning, and perfectly saved or totally refurbished american cars (it's named raggare ). There is everything and the meetings are always amazing. In sumemrtime there are plenty allover. Those...
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    Before its too late

    I live in Marstrand Dave, it is a Portofino of the north. And I live in the historical center, where me and my wife have a little loft. Cars are parked 1 mile from here. I have to take a ferry to check if it is still worrking (but its a volvo, and they never, never die). My window is pointed...
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    Elise / Vauxhall 220

    wow, it is a great idea. simply reskin the elise with this body is genial. How is it going with the build up? really curious about this. Btw, I love the elise, specially mk1. she gave me some of the nicest drive experience ever.
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    Goodbye my Friend. Believe it or not I was thinking of you very often, even If I was not so present in the forum here. Will always keep with me the nice Nurburgring poster u sent me, you was a great person and a true car lovers like we all are. Run your mighty Gt40 in heaven and let theme...
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    Before its too late

    ehehe...wonder if today u still own that dino ! they become quite pricey. My biggest car regret was a countach I lost in the late 80s for less than 15.000 euros .... better never look back in times then :)