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    SCG003 6:33 Nurburgring Nordschleife Run - YouTube
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    SCG 003C runs The Ring

    Hop Onboard Jim Glickenhaus's SCG003 as it Dominates a Lap of the Nurburgring
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    SCG 003C Running The Ring Our new Stradale with a Reverse Flow TTV8 with 800HP, 750NM of Torque, more than 2G's of mechanical grip and 1000KG of downforce will debut at Geneva in March. Stop by and say Hello.
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    Scg 003cs

    Will be at Quail. Jim Glickenhaus's Street-Legal SCG 003 Is Here
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    J6 Will be at COA

    Hope to see some of you there!
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    Ferrari P 3/4 0846 runs The Ring
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    Will Be at Pebble
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    SCG 003C Evo Video
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    Best Holiday Wishes

    To You and Yours!
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    Pebble 2016

    Year of GT 40's We'll be there with J6
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    Sport Auto Track Test on Board SCG 003C
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    Anyone around I'll be at Quail with Ferrari 412P 0854. Best
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    Veronica's Vette

    Here's Why Jim Glickenhaus Bought A Corvette Z06 For His Daughter
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    Storms off. Those were the days...
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    Heavy Metal Thunder

    Mark drove our Lola to 3 OA.
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    Driving in The Rain

    You can really see the aero working.
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    Ferrari P 3/4 0846 Driving To Concours's

    Best Competition Car Manhasset and Road and Track Lime Rock (Post War)
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    If I Ran Ferrari

    What If James Glickenhaus Was CEO of Ferrari - Road & Track
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    Dino Competizione at Pebble
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    SCG 003C's Chassis

    Think about air. Think about air flowing through a structure that is 50% stiffer than P 4/5 C's Ferrari GT2 based chassis, Front and rear subframes will be CF as well.