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    Love gt40 FB modelling page..

    I get this name when Ron re-organized the forum, several years ago.:laugh: Since then it is nearly become my "virtual-official" name worldwide for my model productions. I know many of you out there are modellers too. Here is then my facebook modelling page, take a look if you like stuff in...
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    that's why.. I love gt40 ! driver got definitely balls. :stunned:
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    supercars in Italy....2012

    What happens down here with today crisys? simple...all powerful/supercars owned by normal people disappear. Just had a talk with a friend selling cars, and the situation is this. Every day 200 recent Porsches leaves Italy for est europe (mostly Romania).I saw with my eyes in his showroom a row...
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    american muscle cars, need your opinion plz

    hi guys, u all here inside are my referring point about powerful cars talk. With the work I do now, I am in the position to choose in the next days what working car buy. It have to be exotic and sporty, cant choose italian ones (reds and maser) cause they told me is just something availale for...
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    change engine? if u are a Royal marine u can do it in 42 seconds..

    42 second engine change - YouTube!
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    RIP Giampiero "MOMO" Moretti

    I discovered just today the last 14 january Giampiero moretti die. He was a great historic pilot,many of us have car parts in our beloved coffins. Morto Gianpiero Moretti, il Sig. Gianpiero Moretti - Wikipedia
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    who plays iracing today?

    some time ago also ron did.who is stil an acive driver in iracing serie?
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    One less again..F**k Kim Jong il

    After the kill of f*****g Gheddafi, we have lost another ass***d, from north Korea. I still remember about gheddafi his lamborghiniS, they were all bought 300 meters from my house in Milano.went there for some VW service (same group) and saw all the stuff, including a brand new Veyron,coming...
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    Australian invasion in Milano

    Ok, as many knows I love Australia and new zealand. Only trouble for theme is now one of my ex girlfriend lives there with her new husband,they are in Brisbane area (so Pete be careful..).:laugh: This time anyway is something from australia not so nice and due to (as usual) human stupidity...
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    Cobra shooting in Paris info

    Hi guys, a freind of mine works for a fashion company in paris. she just called me now asking if I knew somebody available with his shelby cobra for a photo shooting there. I only know too kindly guys in UK, and almost all with GT40s,but maybe some of u have also friends with cobra in that...
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    Genova flooding

    as well as we posted about australian flooding,think will be correct also to share u what happened here in Genova (big city loocated in north west italy, on the tirreno sea). This was the second flooding,with 7 die and 3 missing others. Anyone of u visiting in the past the wonderful location of...
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    Virtual vs. real (simracing)

    Dunno if posted before, but pretty cool: :thumbsup: YouTube - World's Fastest Alien
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    Thomassima2 refurbish

    found this video. Hope to see this beauty around very soon :thumbsup: YouTube - Tom Meade's Thomassima II
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    wayne carini

    Surely is something wellknown in USA, but down here in old italy we finally can see his program in television (Chasing classic cars) I definitely love this fellow running around the states to find old coffins or supercars to be sold on auctions:laugh::thumbsup: Classic and Exotic Cars For Sale...
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    GT40 mk1 in 1:8 scale

    Directly from modelling forum: FORD GT40 Mk1 1/8 - Automotive Forums .com Car Chat :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    the nicest car commercial

    this is my favourite one: YouTube - Volkswagen Commercial: The Force
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    Modelling Corner: Mike's F-4 E vietnam war

    Just rearranged my model gallery and I finished now to place the pics of a model I did 2 yrs ago. It was a 1/32 Tamiya F-4E based in Korat base. At the time was too useful for me to have the incredibly nice emails written by our forum member Mike Gaan.I grow up with squadron signal in action...
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    Is this the new Cannonball race?

    Ok, from what we know down here in old europe, one thing never want to try in the US is to joke at police cause they are very very very easy to pull the trigger also for a wrong parking.:lipsrsealed: So now I wonder looking at this website: GR2KX DVD Order Now! that looks like the cannonball...
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    How to destroy a dodge viper gts

    Not sure if the GTS had the abs..
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    NY's Dumbest worker

    :stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned: OMG: YouTube - NY's Dumbest; NYC sanitation workers destroy a Ford Expediton :furious::furious: