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  1. Ron Earp

    Problems connecting to or Problems Posting

    Good post Randy. The site is very stable and I think we now have an "uptime" exceeding 365 days. In shorthand, if there is a problem it is probably on the client end.
  2. Ron Earp

    My status changed

    Found it. Now to figure out why that happened.
  3. Ron Earp

    audi V10 into a slc

    Really interesting pics there. Very nice hardware.
  4. Ron Earp memorial page for Mr John Horsman

    Hey Neil, much appreciated the remembrance and the photo. RIP John Horsman. Sheldon, Safir has contacted about putting up a memorial here on the site. I've asked them to sign on, no sponsorship needed, and please post info and pictures about John Horsman. I hope that comes to pass.
  5. Ron Earp

    Wreaked and Burned SLC

    Wow, I sure hope the folks made it out.
  6. Ron Earp

    Media Files

    I'll have a look at it but that is a pretty big file for sure. Better to host that on Youtube which is designed for serving such things and then post a link to it.
  7. Ron Earp

    naked gt40

    Last warning. Read the private message I sent you.
  8. Ron Earp


    However, in some ways, having people in the room who don't understand them and appreciate them might be a boon to value. This particular car, it is an SPF that is built with a lot of "period correct parts" and has a great video for marketing?
  9. Ron Earp

    Superlite GT-R Rick Reeve

    Great looking car!
  10. Ron Earp

    That would be fantastic! I know Offenburg and some of the surrounding towns pretty well. Last...

    That would be fantastic! I know Offenburg and some of the surrounding towns pretty well. Last time I was over, end of August and September 2019, I was at the motorcycle races in Gengenbach. One of the races team I know some crew, and, our companies' machinist builds some of the 500cc engines...
  11. Ron Earp

    My 917/10 is ALIVE!

    That's awesome!
  12. Ron Earp

    Louis' RCR MKII Build

    Might be applicable might old RCR T70. Build thread somewhere on here..... The car is shod with Hooiser race DOTs on 15" wheels though, 225 on the front 275s rear.
  13. Ron Earp

    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    Good idea Michel. Oh, another trick for wrapping - soak the header wrap in water and wrap them wet. You get tighter wrapping and it gets rid of the fiberglass dust issue. On the downside it makes a HUGE mess, or can do.
  14. Ron Earp

    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    Depends on what you want to do with your car. I do coat my race car exhaust systems inside and out. I've used Jet Hot ceramic several times and it's a long-lasting coating. However, it does little to nothing for under hood temperatures in racing use and you can verify this with a...
  15. Ron Earp

    Hello from a german freshman

    Welcome to the forum Stefan! I work for a German company and am in the Offenburg/Ortenberg area several times per year. Beautiful country!
  16. Ron Earp

    CAV GT40 progress

    Leon, we have a build subforum for Build Threads. Moving this thread there now.
  17. Ron Earp

    Tornado GT40 01E

    Take a look at the older Roaring Forties builds here on the forum. That car used the O1E or O1X depending on the build and the chassis is extremely similar.
  18. Ron Earp

    Introduction from the South San Francisco Bay Area.

    Welcome to the forum! I think you’ll find you are in the company of many folks here who enjoy lots of different projects like you do.
  19. Ron Earp

    Hello from a new member in Texas

    Welcome to - Glad you found your way to the site!!