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    Looking for William Levens III

    Peter: Bill Lives in Long Valley N.J. PM me and I will give you Home and Cell Numbers Cheers Phil
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    Help identifying a transaxle

    Todd: My first choice for gearbox would probably be a ZF, but looking at current prices I think at this point I would go with a Renault box. Some good ratios available and relatively strong gearbox that does not break the bank. I don't know what your intention is for the car but I can...
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    Kaspa's scratch build GT40

    John: Great story and looks like a really good start. I can tell you I know the feeling minus that extra long drive. As Randy said we have the same deal here with the Deer population, more killed by cars and trucks than hunters, and at certain times of the year (Fall) one can't take a 5...
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    Looking for William Levens III

    Peter, I know Bill. I will give him your contact info. It has been a while since I have seen him, and just checked the number i have and its an old one, but I know someone who sees him regularly. Might take a week or so. Cheers Phil Just as a side note Val passed last year so no...
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Bob: Great bit of investigation on the radiator fan installation. I have always said that mounting fans thru the radiator is a no no...the core is just not made to support weight and handle it along with vibration. I have seen many factory radiators ruined with those aftermarket coolers and...
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    Solid clutch pedal

    Brett: What Neville said happened to me...wrong pushrod on the slave to fork...2 pumps and a solid pedal....the piston hit the internal snap ring in the slave. There should only be approx. 3/4" (19mm) travel on the release bearing so it is very easy to mis-measure....sorry you had to...
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    Aluminum Panels

    Simon: The easiest way to cut, and the cleanest would be a shear....probably would be cost prohibitive for you to get a shear big enough just for the job at hand. A plasma cutter would work very well, and a 30 amp 40 amp machine will cut 1/2" (13 mm) and of course anything thinner. The...
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    My Scratch Built Project

    Thanks Randy....You are very observant... Yeah there's a bleeder at the top...I always weld in bungs even if I don't need them, it is so much easier to remove a plug and bleed from the high spots when it is already there...sure beats the alternative. I also have 2 bleeders at the top of the...
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    My Scratch Built Project

    Thanks Dave...Looks like we may be finishing up close together. Woody....Bill's and my measurements reflect the differences in chassis, gearbox type, gearbox/engine height, and whatever muffler you are using so maybe it would be easier to just fit the bodywork temporarily and make a...
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    My Scratch Built Project

    Thanks Mark and Woody....I made some some small mistakes but for now I need to fire it up and deal with that later' As far as room...I need to cut those collectors down at the merge point to fit my megaphones but I rightly don't know how much space is available....but tomorrow morning I will...
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    My Scratch Built Project

    Well its posting time again..its nice to be busy but it gets in the way of my projects! Finished up most of the exhaust and I just need to expand the end of the tubes into the collectors for a better fit. I have two megaphones made and soon I will cut the end of the collectors and...
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    RBT-ZF Mystery part

    Dave: Its been a while since I have been inside my ZF but that looks really close to a pin that would align the housings on the gearbox...but I would check it out...and while you are at it go buy a lottery ticket because you are very lucky that didn't get between two gears on the mainshaft or...
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    Insulation for your tunnel and more

    Darrin...Terry I use that insulation in some of the flares we build....basically a big box that burns off the methane at landfills, and other scrubbing devices. I don't think there is an adhesive that will hold that because of the nature of the simply pulls apart...
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    Front Clip Mounting

    Dave: Are you hinging your front clip or going like the original? I have some drawings if you are going the hinge route. Phil
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    Good bye Locost 7 Hello GT40!!

    Dave: Working on that part soon myself....are you doing your own harness or a bought item? I prefer to go it from scratch, Meanwhile I have not posted in a long while but am very close to finishing the exhaust so I can start engine soon...hopefully next month if all goes well. I found...
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    Front steering fouling

    Richard...Take a look in any industrial/power transmission catalog...Mc master will have what you want. Split shaft collars...available in stainless or carbon and also aluminum and nylon..measure your rack shaft diameter and order a collar that size..they are available in metric and english...
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    Headlamp covers

    Thanks Jim I guess next step is to get some and give it a go. Cheers Phil
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    Headlamp covers

    Jim: Really good on the covers and side screens...did you need to heat the polycarbonate appreciably? I have tried a bit of this work and seem to get my material to blister or go cloudy so obviously my heat is incorrect but I do have a lab oven at my shop that will go to 300c so its a matter...
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    Renato's GT40 MkI Coyote

    Renato: Nice is your up front spacing? Most of the problems I have encountered were up front with plumbing and belt(s), with a little bit of interference with the gearbox in the bottom rear, but not much. It would be interesting to see a photo from inside the cab...otherwise...
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    High Current connectors

    Marc: Take a look at these...available at most hobby shops etc. I use the blue connector....I think thats an EC3...maybe good for 100 amps Choosing an RC connector - TJinTech Good luck Phil