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    LED headlamps

    The headlamps I am using take a P45T bulb, and I have a pair of hi-power halogen bulbs, but I was wondering if anyone on the forum has tried LED replacements, and what their impression/experience was. I have a couple of Stinger flashlights with the LED conversion and they are seriously...
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    Serpentine setups

    I wonder if a few of you gents would mind posting some photos of serpentine setups. I did a search, and found some good photos, but I am still having trouble locating the idler pulley with clearance for the bulkhead. I am currently setup with the Ford Motorsport short pump, with standard...
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    B 17 Survival Story

    I thought some of you guys might like this one, it is a good read and some great photos. Cheers Phil (Warning Pic Heavy) WWII B17 survival story - Democratic Underground
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    Hope all you members in New England are OK

    Yes we got some snow here in New Jersey, but it looks like our friends in New England got the brunt of it...some places like Boston coming in at over 30 inches, and 400,000 without power. I hope all you guys get thru this one OK. Cheers Phil
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    Jersey Light Show

    As many of you know the NY/NJ area was hit pretty badly by hurricane Sandy, many shore areas were seriously hammered, and we still have many homeless among us. Living here in NJ opens one up to many different characters and lifestyles, but one thing is for sure that when we want to do...
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    Pulley dimensions

    After some research I have found that Ford no longer makes the pulley set for the water pump I am using. The pump is a Ford motorsport # M-8501-E351S which measures 4.5" from the mounting surface on the timing cover to the face of the pump where the pulleys bolt up. This is setup for...
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    Clutch release fork

    Gents: I am looking for a clutch release fork for a ZF dash 2 box, I have the shaft but if another has to come with the fork thats ok too. I am hoping someone has switched over to a hydraulic throwout bearing and has one laying around. Cheers Phil
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    Now This is cool

    I was looking at some prospects for a new tube bender, just checking on You Tube for videos and came across this baby, didn't research the cost, but just the concept and execution are awesome. There is definitely some programming involved, but with today's user friendly software I would bet...
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    The Size of the Universe

    Thought some of you guys might enjoy this...its pretty cool. Cheers Phil Totally cool!
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    Shift Lever Boot

    Getting around to some of the interior, and have my center console made. Was wondering what some of the members were using for a shifter boot. I machined a bezel to go on top of the console, and my girlfriend has volunteered her sewing expertise to make a nice leather boot. Nothing fancy...
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    Fuel Tank Mounting

    I just finished mounting my fuel tanks and as an afterthought was wondering how some of the other members on the forum were mounting theirs. My goals were to have a permanent, simple mount with no failures as I don't particularly relish going in after the fact if there is a problem. Here...
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    Saturday night excursion

    After dinner Saturday, and watching a little TV, my girlfriend and I decided to take a drive to see if we could see the twin lights memorial at ground zero. It was visible from where we live here in western New Jersey, but being approx 50 miles away we decided on a better look. We were...
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    Slick little unit

    I was at a friends shop today and saw this slick turn signal setup. The control box mounts out of sight, and all of the connections are well marked. The column switch is pretty small and is setup for momentary contact with a timer to turn off the signals automatically. If the switch is held for...
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    Oil Temp Gauge

    Have been looking for an Electrical oil temp gauge. I have all Smiths bottom read gauges, and this is my one missing gauge. I really don't relish passing a capillary tube through the dash, and back to the motor through the chassis. I can purchase a complete unit but its a bit expensive...
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    Earthquake in NZ

    Just saw on the net that you guys had a 7.2 quake, just before 9:00 pm eastern time here. Near wellington. I hope all are well and still among us. Cheers Phil
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    Original Bodywork

    I have an original piece of bodywork that I need to sell. This is the real wide body rear decklid. Never been mounted, just test fitted to my chassis, and as much as I would like to use it on my project I need to sell it. The wheel openings are 80" across the top, so it fits on a chassis with...
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    Rear Upright

    I have 1 rear upright available, original piece, no cracks. This upright has inserts for caliper mount and has been mounted at one time. Asking $2500.00 Part number is clearly visible with other markings on reverse side. PM me if interested Cheers Phil
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    Steering Quick release

    I recently made some parts for a Toyota Suppra, and the owner had this really slick quick release on the steering wheel. The brand was NRG. I have used the hex and spline types on some chassis, and although the spline unit was much tighter than the hex type it still had a slight bit of play...
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    Smiths Gauges

    Currently I am working on wiring senders and mounting and pre-wiring my dash gauges. All of the suppliers I have looked at state that a Voltage stabilizer that must be used with Smiths Gauges. I am wondering if this is a "must use" item, or is it a simple voltage regulator device that could be...
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    Visiting Australia

    A good friend of mine is traveling to Sidney on wed. 6/3, and then on to Brisbane a few days later. He asked if I knew anyone there and of course the only reply I could give was there is a great bunch on the forum from there. I do a good bit of work for him and some other vintage racers in...