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    If a 917 ------

    If a 917 can have a forced induction ----- !
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    Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting
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    Lotus 47 ( Europa ) race cars

    Wanted, any technical info, drawings manuals etc etc on the Lotus 47 ( Europa ) Frank Catt
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    My early IPAD just died, but has 1000+ archived GT40 build pictures, can these be retrieved ? Frank
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    GTD40 seats

    Pair of standard GTD seats in leather free to collector, Frank
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    The club ?

    The Enthusiasts club website seems to be dead in the water, no updates or news, the site remains same as same as for months, no news of the new Chairlady taking the helm, no news for 2019, is the club active at all apart from the excellent magazine
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    Recommendations please - Best single phase MIG in the UK ?

    What to buy and what to avoid ? Frank
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    Hi Guys, got to do a pulley change as above, watching the videos on youtube suggests a special puller needed, is that necessary?
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    End of school prom

    How to arrive , my grandson said V8 and loud, so we did !
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    Snap-on Timing light help

    Has anyone here got a Snap on Timing light number MT2261A ( the computerized Tach / advance unit ) Mine broke today and I found the cables to the Spark Lead pickup unit had disconnected at the pick up. As usual I took it apart, repaired the cables then forgot how it went together !! Can...
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    Goodyear Blue Streak G7 tires

    Anyone got any 15inch Blue Steaks available / price ?
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    No 2 main failures

    So tell me about these failures !
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    Turbo ( or should it be Turdo ? )

    New meaning for performance boost
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    Look up VNUK, this is the European Commisions requirement that a law be introduced in every EU country that ANY vehicle, which includes ALL motorsport vehicles of every type, inc F1 to MOTOGP to the lowest forms of club sport, must have third party insurance in place . THERE IS NO SUCH INSURANCE...
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    Goodwood Revival - Bonhams Auction

    There is a very high quality GTD40 for sale in the Bonhams Auction at the REVIVAL on Saturday, well worth a look if you are considering a purchase.
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    Anybody got an old Ford Cosworth DFV F1 / F3000 engine kicking about under a bench ? Frank
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    Internal mirrors

    Any Lucas mirrors around ? Frank
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    HANS in GT40

    Out of interest, have any of you fitted HANS to your 40 yet ? It is now compulsory for all competition cars in the UK ( with exceptions for certain early historic cars ) to be fitted with HANS systems. This brings certain difficulties with the GT40, and I wonder how others ( if there are any...
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    Chritmas present

    Grandad gave me the best present ever, a race GT40 to dismantle and prepare for engine rebuild. Needs rebuild after running no oil pressure, but my job is to disconnect everything from the engine and help lift it out. BETTER THAN AIRFIX ! Louis Barnard, 13 years old.
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    Question for Alan. Hamiltons have got P1119 for sale, whats its history ? seems like it started as a spare chassis ! Frank