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    Classic Le Mans 2016

    Hotel, tickets and Saturday lap track booked !!!!
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    Classic Le Mans 2016

    what about GT40 Enthusiast Club plans for LMC 2016???
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    Hi Paul I am Oriol Ribalta from Barcelona, my email is to take interest on the LMC 2016, I...

    Hi Paul I am Oriol Ribalta from Barcelona, my email is to take interest on the LMC 2016, I suppose our club is working on the 2016 edition, which projects have the club for the LMC2016?? I am really interested to be there Thanks, Oriol
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    Classic Series Circuit Barcelona

    A very nice video of a very nice car
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    Ford GT40 Manual

    Interesting thing in Amazon!! Ford GT40 Manual: An Insight into Owning, Racing and Maintaining Ford's Legendary Sports Racing Car: Gordon Bruce: 9780857331144: Books
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    Classic series

    Next September 20, Classic Series 2014, organizes one of the two last events, on Calafat Circuit, and October 11 on the Barcelona Catalunya circuit will be the last one and the best one too by the F1 track. In Barcelona Catalunya Circuit event, Classic Series want do a 50 years GT40 tribute. If...
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    GT40 pics at Le Mans Classic 2014

    Some more pics...
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    GT40 pics at Le Mans Classic 2014

    Two videos off LMC
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    Le Mans Classic 2014

    Hi all, next friday stars Le Mans Classic 2014, there's an app for your smartphone to know all around the event. In my case is the first LMC i am very excited to be there, I have two times Parade laps, on friday and saturday. Thursday morning start the long trip to Arnage, 1050 Km carrying a...
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    GT40 P 1080 for sale

    could be that with only one bank is not enough....
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    Classic series

    Hi, Last Saturday the second edition of Classic series on Parcmotor circuit, a nice and warm day. The organizer is preparing a GT40 tribute day on the last race of 2014 classic series. 11 October on the Barcelona F1 circuit, a cheap and nice oportunity to enjoy your GT40 on a regularity race in...
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    Classic series

    Tomorrow Classic series, the second race,, an other nice video of past event
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    Old & new pitstops.

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    Classic series

    official video of first race
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    Classic series a funny video of a Le Mans start
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    Classic series

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    Classic series

    Some pictures of last Saturday in a track, is a regularity race at circuit for classic cars but replicas are welcome, you can see, Cobra, Lotus seven, and two GT40, in total 48 cars participating and 53 classic motobike. The plan is lapping during one hour at same lap time, you decide your the...
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Interesting work Bob, let us know your progress on the suspension your project looks amazing.