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  1. bill kearley

    our hobby

    I hope this is in the right place Ron but I just got an email from SEMA about the USA government wanting to trash the hobby. What do you make of this load of BS?
  2. bill kearley

    FS CAN CAV dash for sale

    I have a new CAV leather dash for sale. $ 200.00 plus freight. Other parts for a CAV pictured also. I may be able to ship from the US in March.
  3. bill kearley


    Ron, I have ordered a Factory 5 MK 4 Cobra kit. Will I get away with adding this to my CAV build thread on your site?
  4. bill kearley

    F 1

    What's the concensus on Brazil. Did any one note how rough the track is / was when Brundle did the parade lap in what I think was one of Senna's old cars? I think the Ferrari contact exposed an all ready damaged suspension. Could be very lucky that it happened the way it did, and shortly after...
  5. bill kearley

    Don Cherry

    Fired for speaking the truth and stating the facts.
  6. bill kearley

    A BIG 50

  7. bill kearley

    bubble strip help

    Help........ I have bubble strip from Mc Master Carr, it fits nice but has a hard bubble, to hard. The scrap bits I got from CAV ( packaging ) are nice. Anybody have a part number cross ref. or supplier.
  8. bill kearley

    Member shops

    Would a forum on shops get any use? We could brag about our mess, size and ideas.
  9. bill kearley


    Ideas are welcome re signal activation. I want to use ground switches on the steering wheel to activate the signal relay. just have to make the rotating brush asy under the quick release.
  10. bill kearley

    Borla air filter

    Any ideas and or pics I can use or copy to make an air filter box to fit over the 8 stack would be great. I'm not a big fan of screens or the small motor cycle clamp on type.
  11. bill kearley

    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    I just learned how to upload images.. so I'll play catch up on my build here. Posts to happen shortly.
  12. bill kearley

    Steering stops

    I am looking for ideas re steering stops on a late CAV. At the moment the tires touch the coolant lines on the rear inside.
  13. bill kearley

    Drive pins

    Can drive pins be had with external hex for 1/2 in fine stud? I have some but I'd like to have a little deeper than I have. Thanks.
  14. bill kearley

    Head light install

    A new thread, yup. I would like some ideas and or part numbers re the fitment of front head lights, buckets, addjusters and such. Part numbers and fotos would be a great help. Thanks Bill
  15. bill kearley

    Painfull Painless

    Caution, I have installed Painless kit #10144 . I had to modify it to stop the chance of 40 amps in a 16 g wire. A test also over heated the output 16 g wire from the relay I was about to use for a fuel pump. the kit was a big waste of money and wouldn't like to see anybody go up in smoke.
  16. bill kearley


    Can any one tell me what bell housing is used with a 427w i a CAV? I have interference with rear cross member at the bottom and the starter bump. I could machine to make room would like to look at other options first. Thanks Bill
  17. bill kearley

    info please

    Exhaust system required, 427w in a MK1 CAV. any info would be great.
  18. bill kearley


    What Willwood calipers are most commonly used on a CAV, I would like to know part # for 4 and 6 piston fronts and 6 piston rears with park break. Thanks
  19. bill kearley

    Borla / Holly

    A question re Holly/Borla 8 stack fuel rail / dist interference. Borla's risers aren't quite high enough and Holy's dist. is to tall. Who has a fix?
  20. bill kearley

    Holley and Borla 8 stack interference

    Help, Borla 8 stack fuel rail crashes into Holley dist. Fuel rail mods. or ???????????????