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    LS Coolant Manifold Option

    I've been following the B is for Build channel with their LS powered Huracan and they found this trick billet coolant manifold that could be used on in progress builds. Said video at mark where they install it.
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    What's The Offsets For Our Forgestar Wheels?

    First thing I did was remove the wheels and looked on the backsides expecting to see a stamped offset, but nada. I've been back and forth with Forgestar who can't simply tell me what offsets RCR even'd think this would be in their system to easily look up. Most I have gotten is...
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    Storing Paperwork & Tools

    Looking for some suggestions on where people store their paperwork and specific tools they may need? Paperwork should be easy, maybe a little bag to maybe slide under the seat (if even possible) or maybe some way to attach it to the back of the driver's seat? As for tools I'm not sure, build...
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    Fire Extinguisher Mounting

    Having one in the car was an afterthought once it was finished, but I really should install one for the peace of mind instead of carrying it around in the passenger seat. I searched to see how others did, but not finding much info out there. I'd prefer to put where most seem to, the area...
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    Etching Logos

    A buddy of mine just purchased a laser and while setting it up and learning to use it he decided to play around. I thought these were really cool and the detail it can do is flat out amazing to me. Now just need to think of some uses for it on a SLC, without going overboard, any ideas...
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    Shallow Mounted 7" Android Headunit

    Finding a 7" headunit that will actually fit in the SLC dash depth wise, was an impossible task until now. I've found a solution that not only is a shallow mount, but also has an internal amp to power 4 speakers. Before I shipped it to Allan I set it up and played with it a bit and works as...
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    Registration Dilemma - No engine serial # on receipt

    I'm starting to explore the whole registration process here in Louisiana and ran into a bump so wanted to ask the forum if anyone has any suggestions. - LA requires MSO # to match # on the frame. Easy enough, I'll rivet a stamped plate before they do initial inspection since there is nothing...
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    Safely loading SLC onto flatbed or trailer?

    I was considering a tow hook, although mine will be a street car so a tow hook hopefully will never be needed.... But in the off chance the SLC ever does need to be loaded onto a flatbed, how do current owners accomplish this? Remove front clip to find suitable tow location? Any other options...
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    The SLC's Hit The Road (Gearz)

    Only took Gearz 2yrs to release their latest SLC episode, but glad to finally see it on YouTube. I've had it saved on my DVR since it originally debuted January 2017, guess I can delete it now, lol. Congrats to both Will & Bill for their cars getting featured!
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    SLC & Eric on VINwiki's channel

    This made my week seeing some publicity for the SLC
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    Montana Tag News

    This was just posted by VINwiki about Georgia's crackdown on Montana tags and this could spread to other states. Oddly enough out of all the states, he mentioned mine (around 3:10min mark) and how they don't perceive it as tax evasion. I've been going back and forth on what I want to do, while...
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    What Year SS Calipers?

    In the process of breaking my calipers down to get some powdercoat. I saw this morning that some left the pistons, dust boots and seals installed, but other forums remove them. May have wasted my time, but it won't hurt at least. I need to get some rebuild kits, what year SS are our...
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    LS3 Plug Connection Reference Information

    LS3 - Picture reference for connections - LS1TECH - Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion My brother who is installing the same 525hp LS3 in his C3 as I am in my SLC sent me this. Figured it'd be worth sharing to anyone else unfamilar with the LS3 or is new (like me) to installing an engine...
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    I’ve been looking forward to starting this thread for years and it’s finally here! This first post will be long winded, but gives some background on how my whole SLC build came about. Building a car has been a childhood dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a kid, it...
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    Design An Emblem?

    I'm not sure about everyone else, but it'd be awesome if we collectively came up with some sort of "emblem" for our cars. You know, like Rapier had one on it's front and most other car manufacturers do as well. I'm not thinking of something quite as big as that, maybe more simplistic? Just...
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    SLC Build Manual Cover

    I'm just one of those people that works better with a hard copy of a manual to reference, so I took the time to make a Word document of the entire build manual. I organized it, added a footer with page numbers as well as an index for easy referencing. When I punched the holes and put in a...
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    Taxes when registering the car?

    I was asked by a co-worker about registering my car and got me thinking... I'm sure it may vary by state, but generally speaking how does paying taxes typically work with a component car? Is it stated on the certificate? Do you have to provide proof, and if so what all do you have to provide...
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    Unloading With Lift Gate Service

    First off I have to apologize for my ignorance. This is my first crate engine I've purchased and I'm not sure exactly what to expect when it gets delivered. Today I ordered the 525HP LS3 from Pace Performance and I got the lift gate service. I bought a fridge dolly (picture below) and I...
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    495HP or 505HP?

    EDIT: 525HP, not 505HP I've done a good bit of research, but I'm having a heck of a time deciding which package to go with. There's $150 price difference between the 2 with the main difference being the cams. I've been leaning towards the 495HP due to the milder cam and being easier to drive...
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    How many times did you remove engine?

    I'm getting closer by the day and while I pretty much have figured out I'm going with the 480hp LS3 my conflict now is to drop ship it to RCR to bolt in before it ships or ship to my house and put it in myself. My main issue is the purchase of an engine stand at this moment. I love tools as...