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    One of two CAV GT40's built for Shelby

    CAV GT40 Built for Carroll Shelby Trying something different.
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    Scam email from "Lloyd Butfoy"?

    I just got an email from Lloyd asking for my help as he is in Istanbul and was robbed at gunpoint, etc etc An obvious scam, but thought I would pass it along in case one of us is more of a sympathetic type than I am. Pat
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    FS USA McLeod Aluminum Flywheel & Pressure Plate

    Brand new in box, 164 teeth. Also, long style pressure plate. For SBF
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    RBT - Awesome Customer Service!

    My RBT trans is about 6 years old and during that time it has performed perfectly - with the only exception being a unsettling couple of instances where the car would lock into two gears when I was not being extra careful when taking it out of reverse. The "get around" for that was to drain...
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    Cars that you owned that didn't make the grade.

    As a spin off from the other thread about how long have you owned your car, I thought it would be interesting to see what cars we have all owned that for some reason didn't make the grade. I have had quite a few, some pretty nice ones, that were quickly disposed of. I'll give the reason(s)...
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    CAV - Ugly brackets under rear clip

    What a pretty car - then when you look at it from the rear you see those nasty looking brackets that hinge the rear clip. I have been looking at them for about 5 years now - they are still ugly. Has anyone come up with an elegant way of covering these things? Thanks!
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    Fuel Tank capacity

    I had the opportunity to check the effective capacity of the fuel cell in my CAV - vin 80 - and was surprised by a couple of things. 1. I topped the left tank off until I could see the fuel - then drove the car for 208 miles before it ran dry - I was surprised I was getting over 20 mpg! 2...
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    CAV Battery size?

    Can I please get some information regarding what size/type of batteries you are using in your CAV? The one I am using is a bit tall - and I can't use the factory battery cover. Thanks in advance.
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    Smiths Electronic Speedo sender

    Does anyone here know what the ouput spec on the 3 wire Hall effect sensor is? The output on mine is 0.01v - and the speedo is not working. Sender flashes when metal is passed by it....
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    GT40 on Ebay - $33,000 - Nice looking car

    Starting bid $33K Not mine. eBay Motors: Replica/Kit Makes : Ford GT40 (item 270346339021 end time Feb-27-09 18:45:08 PST)
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    ZF Stuck between gears

    I backed my car out of the garage - everything seemed normal. I then let it sit for a couple of hours and then started it and went to drive it back into the garage. When I put it into first it went backward for a second so I depressed the clutch and put it in reverse at which time it acted as...
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    Avaiad Oil pan drain issue.

    I drained the oil from my car as I was going to take the pan off. I usually run the engine up to operating temp before doing this so the oil will drain quicker but did not have that luxury this time...(don't ask) In any case, after letting it drain out for about two days (with the back of...
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    Steering Wheel too shiny

    I would like to hear comments from others regarding their steering wheel center hub. I have noticed that the sun reflecting off that big shiny lump of aluminum is pretty distracting and at times I have had to cover it with my hand so I could see properly. Wht have you all done about this...
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    Corvair trans

    Are there any reasons why the Corvair trans can't be used in our cars? I realize they are only 4 speeds but they are stong.....
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    How tall are you?

    I am 5' 8" - recently while speaking to three other GT40 owners I realized that I was much taller than they are - felt unusually good. I am usually the shortest in the group. In fact one of the guys I was talking to got out of his car and almost didn't have to bend over while walking out...
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    Cooling System Issues with CAV's?

    After speaking with a few CAV owners recently, it appears that CAV have not set up the engine coolant lines correctly - if you have any input as to your experiences in this area I would appreciate hearing them. Please see the "Cooling System - Excess Pressure" thread in the Engine Forum...
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    Cooling System - Excess Pressure

    I have been chasing a cooling system issue for too long - perhaps I am an optimist and am ignoring what could be the real problem ( a crack in the cylinder wall?) but so far here is what the story is: If I let the car idle it will do so for as long as I want - the fans will cycle, the temps...
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    Cooling System Bleeding - Symptom?

    After an intake manifold change I have been experiencing what appears to be a bleeding problem. The car will idle for an hour - the fans will cycle normally - everything seems fine. If I drive it slowly there won't be an issue, but if I get on it at all - as in a blast to 5K - coolant will...
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    Gallery Viewing - How to?

    I hope this isn't one of those questions that are really dumb because the answer is as plain as the nose on my face, BUT..... How do I search for pictures from a specific user?
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    CAV Shifter upgrade

    I really wasn't happy with the stock shifting on my CAV and got the upgraded shifter from Ian Clark - the car now shifts like it should and I would (almost) consider a powershift.....!! Best money I have spent on it yet. Thanks Ian.