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  1. bill kearley

    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    After a long time to think about how to get my bits over the border I broke down and hired a towing company in southern B.C. to go and get a MK 4 Cobra kit I bought from Factory Five. I loaded every thing in Vancouver and 900 miles later, home and all is good to go for a winter project. After a...
  2. bill kearley

    Graz Starter

    First load test the battery at full charge, if good, check voltage drop while cranking the engine ( hot and cold ) not less than 9.6 volt, hot or cold. This will prove the starter assuming proper wire size and clean connections are good.
  3. bill kearley

    BRM Knock off tool

    I like, lets see the back side.
  4. bill kearley

    Location Of Addiitonal Water Temp Sensor

    There is no harm in stacking the senders using a T, making sure the EFI is closest to the water flow, the bypass is always flowing. Mine works just fine.
  5. bill kearley

    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Covid not so good for my wife. We where loading the car for a trip south, 1000 miles. For her to see and visit her mom for a week and I was to take delivery of a new Africa Twin and had 10 days to ride home and tour. Well she saw a mouse, panicked, tripped and broke her hip bad. Now she has a...
  6. bill kearley

    FS USA Vintage Harrison Oil Cooler ((Sold))

    Randy, This guy would be an asset to the west. He must have fallen in love with the area on his trip up the west coast a while back. Hay Rick?
  7. bill kearley

    Plug Cap Angle

    90 deg 8 mil. and custom fit distributor end. I ran mine up on ether side of the water pump with custom brackets.
  8. bill kearley

    FS USA Vintage Harrison Oil Cooler ((Sold))

    O my god, How far west?
  9. bill kearley

    Plug Cap Angle

    Under exhaust for sure.
  10. bill kearley

    Jokes anyone? -

    Are we still using tranny fluid ? Or is it gender neutral shift juice now ?
  11. bill kearley

    Jokes anyone? -

    Did you hear the news, Spam is about to start a second run of canned meat.
  12. bill kearley

    Jokes anyone? -

    I came in from the shop today and found Jane, my wife, mad as hell. I asked what was wrong, she was all pissed of cause she has been working on a picture puzzle of a turkey with thousands of pieces for over a week and asked me to help her get it started. I looked at her and said lets have a cup...
  13. bill kearley

    Southern GT #48

    AN to 3/8 fuel line. I used a # 6 AN swivel to 3/8 rubber push on barbed adapter. The right hose and fitting parts from Parker are good to 300 psi.
  14. bill kearley

    Alans Scratch build

    Just another note. When setting up your control arms, Have them at ride height !!!
  15. bill kearley

    Working on the GTs trans pics.

    Or, While things are apart. Mag base on flywheel and read the bore in the bellhousing on two planes. Check fit of trans brg retainer for fit in the bell. If all is good then go with an bronze oilite bushing.
  16. bill kearley

    Powerlite RAC407 starter motor

    Will re clocking the starter help. I can't tell from the pics
  17. bill kearley

    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Add a rock shit/shield for sure. How much front end, load on the ball, do you have with the car loaded front first. Should be a min. of 10% but less than 15% of trailer.
  18. bill kearley

    Alans Scratch build

    Start with setting the upper control arm to the frame with 5 deg or so. Doing that will allow you to use the least amount of shim stock necessary keeping in mind that you may want to use shims in the same spots to adjust camber.
  19. bill kearley


    I Canada it took the military to go in and recognise the disgusting conditions and care of the elders. I hope the government gets their shit together and takes action. Thanks to our military.