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    Retro Rides Weekender - Goodwood

    Does anyone know about the GT40 replicas that are advertised to attend this event on the 18/19 May. I have been watching the Escort build for Gordon Murray by Retropower on U-Tube and they will be attending with the car and some other of their builds. I would like to go down in my '40 if I can...
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    Thruxton Motorsport Celebration

    I am organising a Club display of GT40s at Thruxton again this year open to all Club members. It is on June 1st/2nd. Send me a PM if you are interested. Brian.
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    Castle Combe ticket for this Saturday

    I have 1 admission ticket, vehicle pass & parade lap pass spare for Saturday's Castle Combe Autumn Classic. £15.00. This is for a GT40 only. If you are interested let me know ASAP. First come, first served. For more information see Castle Combe's website or Tony Jaspers post above. Brian Magee.
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    Thruxton 50th anniversary display

    Last April the Hants & Berks region of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club were fortunate to be invited to Thruxton Circuit to put on a display of our cars at a race meeting. We were also allowed two demonstration laps of the circuit during the lunch break. This year is the 50th anniversary of Thruxton...
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    Thruxton 23rd April

    The GT40 Enthusiasts Club is having a display of eight cars at the Classic & Sports Car Club race meeting at Thruxton this Sunday. We will be behind the spectator banking opposite the pits. It should be a great meeting and the club will be having a couple of parade laps during the lunch break. I...
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    Hi-Po Heads exhaust threads

    Can one of you experts tell me if it is normal with Hi-Po heads for the exhaust threads to go through into the water galleries? I have just refilled my engine with water after having the engine out and there was a drip from the rear exhaust bolt on No. 8 cylinder. I have just changed from cap...
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    3 GT40 books for sale

    Hi all. I have three books which I wish to sell. 1) GT40 - The Legend Lives On by John S Allen. 2) Ford GT40 Gold portfolio - 1964-1987 (a collection of previously published articles). 3) Ford GT40 - An Anglo American Supercar Classic. revised edition by David Hodges. All three...
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    Eric Smith RIP

    Eric Smith, who had been suffering from Motor Neurone Disease and Dementia sadly passed away on Monday. Many Enthusiast Club members may remember Eric as Club Chairman for several years and was the main force in reviving the Club in the early 2000's when membership had dwindled due to the...
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    Large quantity of GT40 parts

    The parts listed below are the property of past GT40 Enthusiasts Club chairman Eric Smith. As some of you might know, Eric has been admitted to a nursing home suffering from dementure and motor nurone disease. I am helping Eric's brother to dispose of these GT40 related items. To simplify the...
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    Stoneleigh this weekend

    I see the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show is listed under events on the club website for this Sunday and Monday. Does anyone know if the club has booked the normal site? If so, as there is no AGM there this year do we expect the normal large turnout? Weather permitting I shall be there. Brian.
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    Valve stem seals

    I have just removed one of my heads (289 HiPo) to investigate why my engine smokes and have found the problem. Only one of the valve stem seals on this head is in the correct position, the rest have come off the top of the valve guide tube and are floating up and down with the valve. These are...
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    Granada wheels required

    Has anyone not too far from Newbury got a set of Granada 5 bolt wheels or similar that I can buy or borrow for about a month. I need to get a car to the bodyshop and the wheels for the car won't be ready in time. Any condition will do. Brian.
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    Jenson, World champion

    Congratulations to Jenson Button the 2009 world champion. Four of the best overtaking manouvers all season - in one race. Well Done!!! Brian.
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    clip 1 (klp) v. clipped, clip·ping, clips 1. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears: clip coupons; clipped three seconds off the record. 2. To make shorter by cutting; trim: clip a hedge. 3. To cut off the edge of: clip a coin. 4. To cut short; curtail. 5. a. To...
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    Nostril Panel wanted

    I urgently require a double nostril panel to fit a KVA. It must have 2 1/2" wide panels either side of the nostrils, not the narrow ones as on a GTD. The one I have is so thin the zeus fasteners distort the panel and I have not got time to do anything with it. Brian.
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    Hants & Berks Christmas Dinner

    Our Christmas Dinner was to be advertised in December's Fortification which should have been out by now. I need to finalise the numbers early next week so if anyone who has not already booked wishes to come along please contact me with a PM or ring me as soon as possible. The dinner will be...
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    Australian line up

    My brother who lives near Tweed Heads was at an air show near Esk recently and took this picture on his way home. Any names? Brian.
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    Le Mans Classic Clothing

    Just a note to anyone who wants to buy the Limited Edition Le Mans Classic clothing. The Monday June 2nd deadline for orders is only just over a week away so if you are ordering then please do so ASAP. This offer is also open to members who are not going but would like to order. All the...
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    Festival of Speed, Le Mans Classic clash

    I have just had an email from Goodwood regarding tickets for next years Festival of speed. I have gone onto their website and sent an email to their 'enquiries' as follows. ''I shall not be attending the Festival of speed next year as it clashes with the Le Mans Classic again.It also...
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    Le Mans Classic clothing

    We are still getting requests for the Le Mans Classic clothing so we are doing a special run, now including sweat shirts. To ensure people wanting them as Christmas presents get them in time your order must be in by next Tuesday 12th. We also have Baseball caps embroidered with the 'GT40' logo...