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  1. Big-Foot

    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    I’m in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a collection of various SW240a fuel pumps, gaskets and assorted parts.. There are eight pumps in total. All have some external corrosion to varying...
  2. Big-Foot

    FS USA Vintage Harrison Oil Cooler ((Sold))

    Im in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes.Offered here is a Harrison Oil Cooler.Threads all appear to be in good order. No cracks or damage other than what's visible in the photos. It is a used part and will need a...
  3. Big-Foot

    FS USA Holman Moody oil filter - cooler adapter - SOLD

    I'm in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a Holman Moody Oil Filter and cooler adapter. It was sold to me as having been on a GT40 circa 1966. I have no papers of authenticity, so you be the judge...
  4. Big-Foot

    Build Log Guidelines - Please read / follow

    Builders and Dreamers - all of us... This forum is for us to start a meaningful lineage of text and photos of our builds. As such, we encourage the Builders to make posts as frequently as they desire to their logs with photos that are uploaded here to rather than hosting offsite in...
  5. Big-Foot

    Problems connecting to or Problems Posting

    If you are having troubles connecting or posting, please do some ground work ahead of time before reaching out to Ron or I for help. 1) Are you having troubles with any other websites? 2) Reboot computer - many issues are resolved with a fresh operating system / memory / connection. 3) Open...
  6. Big-Foot

    C19:: Not all Epidemiologists are on the same page - This is quite interesting!

    This is very interesting — From a well respected, published and cited Epidemiologist no less. He points out that many of the scientists that advise the government, are also being paid by the government as well: “They have the scientists on their side that depend on government funding. One...
  7. Big-Foot

    Modeling and Slot Car Enthusiasts

    I was an early blooming modeler, but unfortunately that fell by the wayside a number of years ago. This article makes me want to take it up again... Do you have models or...
  8. Big-Foot

    Robo-Racing.... It’s coming..... Can / Should it be stopped?

    As the human race continues to evolve and grow technically, we find ourselves periodically looking inward to see if this is really what we need or is it just what we want. Or, is it just to try and show off our technical superiority...
  9. Big-Foot

    Autonomous Racing Cars - Will Goodwood ever be the same?

    Exciting, but concerning never the less.....
  10. Big-Foot

    2005 Ford GT - Some light cleaning and assembly required...
  11. Big-Foot

    Driveline phasing and angles explanation - Great video!

    Special thanks to Jac Mac who surfaced this on Facebook.... Tuning Fork - This video is great at demonstrating how and... YouTube here:: Driveshaft Angle and Phasing - YouTube
  12. Big-Foot

    Randy’s back...

    Good morning, afternoon, evening.... Before I go any further here, I want to just thank those of you that offered words of encouragement and prayers on the loss of my dear mother so closely after having lost our only child. We have a tendency, I think, to take life and those around us for...
  13. Big-Foot

    Equifax Data Breach - largest data breach ever!

    This is huge for all people in the USA Massive Equifax Data Breach Could Impact Half of the U.S. Population - NBC News
  14. Big-Foot

    Hurricane Harvey - Now a Category 4

    I hope you all in the gulf states (particularly Texas) listen to the officials and evacuate when asked.... Stay safe and please check in when you can!
  15. Big-Foot

    Images on GT40's

    As many are sadly aware, one of the largest hosts of images (Photobucket) has now declared a $400 per year, per account image hosting fee in order to embed links to your images within forums and blogs. There are alternatives and I won't get into which one is best etc. as I have not had the time...
  16. Big-Foot

    Spammers are back in force...

    Thanks to all of you who report the spam threads. Please do not respond to spammers and (obviously) never click on their links... Your moderators are nuking them as fast as we can!
  17. Big-Foot

    Oddball transaxle setups

    I saw these pictures on FaceBook and harvested them for posting here. I had seen / read other references to the NZ based Stanton Corvette, but I don't recall seeing pictures this good before. From what I have read, the drive system was not at all problematic and the car did rather well.
  18. Big-Foot

    Back to the forums...

    Folks, I have been away for a couple of weeks due to the sudden death of our only child (son) Jacob at 34 years and three days due to natural causes. Special Thanks to Ron, Keith & Brett for stepping up to keep and even closer watch over the forums in my absence. I'm back now and need the...
  19. Big-Foot

    GT40s site issues Feb 2, 2017

    The site was "spammed to death" according to Ron. This apparently hosed the database and it has apparently been restored to a backup done on Jan 31. There seems to be a couple of days worth of activity that was lost during this process..
  20. Big-Foot

    RIP MASH's Father Mulcahy....

    William Christopher, Father Mulcahy on 'MASH,' dies at 84 | :(