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  1. Joules5

    GT40 replica sold eBay

    I'm not sure who's kit this is, but it appears well constructed and sold for what must be a fraction of the cost to build; GT40 sold eBay
  2. Joules5

    HR2675 Low Volume Replica Manufacturer Bill

    Anyone else see this news release related to a bill a bill for low volume replica manufacturers? Classic Car Comeback? - Velocity The language appears to require license from the original manufacturer; "manufactured under a license for the product configuration, trade dress, trademark...
  3. Joules5

    Parts for sale - Shifter Assembly, ZF Bellhousing & Misc.

    I have accumulated parts that I no longer have need for as follows; Tornado aluminum header tank $85 Tornado marker lights $40 Superformance shifter, cables and alcantara console complete with CNC Performance ZF cable shift assembly $850 ZF to Ford GT40 bellhousing $350 ZF Hydraulic throw...
  4. Joules5

    Avon CR66ZZ tires

    Just the messenger, but this appears a good package for someone looking for 15" tires for their GT40. Avon CR6ZZ Tires 4 | eBay Julian
  5. Joules5

    BRM Wheels for wide body Gulf

    Anyone aware of where I can currently source 15" diameter BRM style wheels for a Gulf car with Le Mans flares i.e. 10" width front and 13" rears? Has anyone purchased the std 10" wheels say from Vintage and had them widened? Thanks, Julian
  6. Joules5

    GT40 Replicas at upcoming Mecum auctions

    I'm not sure the GT40's bot picks up on conventional auction cars, here's 3 I came across at upcoming Mecum auctions; St. Charles, IL Oct 25-27; Unknown Mk1 1966 Ford GT40 Replica 427/450 HP, 5-Speed for sale by Mecum Auction SPF MKII 2010 Ford GT40 Replica 427/550 HP, 5-Speed for sale by...
  7. Joules5

    FS: Polished ZF-2 for GT40

    For sale a polished ZF -2 with for GT40 std 4.22 gearing. This is an ex-Ford NOS Transaxle that has been flipped for GT40 use, polished and comes complete with GT40 top mount hanging plate, 6 bolt CV stub axles, safety wired and has external slave. Price is $10,995 + shipping ex Carson...
  8. Joules5

    FS: Ford 289/302 TWM 50mm ITB setup with F9 Haltech Computer & harness

    Selling a TWM throttle body setup with Haltech F9 (fuel only) ECU & wiring harness. Sale includes; Complete TWM 50mm ITB's on Ford 289/302 manifold (Part #3000-2128/50/A) with center rail injectors. Manifold modified with rear head crossover air/coolant bleed tubes. ITB's have vacuum...
  9. Joules5

    FS ZF 5DS25-2 Transaxle

    Selling one of my spare -2 ZF's, previously rebuilt and safety wired by RBT with std Pantera gearing and orientation. It is painted in PPG black and is currently set up with a hydraulic throwout (can be supplied with conventional clutch fork if desired). $6,500 + shipping and it's mounted in...
  10. Joules5

    Brake Master Cylinder Sizing?

    I'm swapping out my hung pedals for a floor mount Tilton pedal unit which will have dual brake masters. How does one size the optimal bore of master cylinders to brakes? Is there a rule of thumb based on car weight, disc/caliper sizing etc.? Thanks for any insight.
  11. Joules5

    EFI return - dual independent fuel tanks

    Anyone have experience installing an EFI system with draw and return to dual independent fuel tanks? If so, any information on valving, line routing etc. to make it work would be most appreciated. I would prefer an option that is a flick of a switch as opposed to cranking manual valves. Thanks,
  12. Joules5

    Pair Halibrand 16x14 Magnesium wheels

    Came across these while surfing Ebay and thought they may be of interest to someone. I have no affiliation with the seller. eBay Motors: New 70 Indy magnesium Halibrand wheels 16 x 14 Gerhardt (item 220403944331 end time May-03-09 19:58:36 PDT)
  13. Joules5

    In car lap of Le Mans Classic 2008

    Came across a cool in car video lap of Le Mans Classic 2008 in a GT40, enjoy. YouTube - Le Mans in GT40, LM Classic 2008 I apologize in advance if this has already been posted somewhere on the forum.
  14. Joules5

    Shipping Parts - The REAL Deal

    The recent threads on shipping of parts hit a nerve with me and I have held off posting my experience as I had hoped it would get resolved amicably, but alas it seems more and more unlikely that will be the case, so to avoid anyone else falling into a similar situation I'm writing this word of...
  15. Joules5

    GT40 listed on Ebay - Carbon Fiber Panels

    Just the messenger, but there's a nice looking GT40 listed on Ebay with apparently all CF body panel construction. eBay Motors: Ford : GT40 (item 290203341631 end time Feb-11-08 13:21:49 PST)