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    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Anybody have a line on which and how many original GT40s (or cars pretending to be original) will be racing this year? Will there be a paddock for GT40 street cars? Hope to see some of you there! :thumbsup:
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    SPF Mk II ON Petrolicious

    SPF Mk II on Petrolicious Fantastic car, fantastic video! :thumbsup:
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    This girl apparently likes GT40s.....

    Ya think?
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    24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend!

    All, Don’t forget the race is this weekend. In the USA we will get flag-to-flag coverage (for the first time ever I think?) on the Velocity network. Race begins at 9 a.m. eastern time. :thumbsup:
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    Electric cars, in a nutshell...

    This is the basic truth about electric cars that left-wing environmental nuts can’t seem to understand....
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    What happened to the SPF forum???

    Just noticed the SPF forum is gone??? What possible reason could there be for destroying such a valuable resource? For SPF owners (and wannabes like me) it is the principle reason this site even exists--and the principle reason we choose to support it with cash contributions from time to time...
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    Identify this car and people?

    Hi Guys, Check out this old photo. I believe that is a Ford behind the wheel of Old 999, and for sure that is Jim Clark in the Lotus-Ford. But who is the guy with the GT40. And which car is that?
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    Nothing could be more true!

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    Pebble Beach 2016 features GT40s

    So. Where are all the photos from those who attended? P/1046, P/1015 and P/1075 were among those on the grass....
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    Identify this GT40?

    Hi guys, Here's a great photo showing how things were done back in the day. Valve cover off, mechanic attending to the valvetrain (note one of the rocker arms looks a bit wonky), with a handful of tools balanced on the tire, and pieces/parts/tools just waiting to get lost in the grass...
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    Be yourself....

    Sent to me by a fellow pilot...:laugh:
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    Got Pantera ZF bellhousing?

    If so, please see my post in the 'parts wanted' forum. :thumbsup:
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    Pantera ZF bellhousing needed

    Guys, I know lots of you have purchased ZF gearboxes from Panteras for fitment in your GT40s. Typically they are sold with the Pantera bellhousing included, which isn't suitable for GT40 use; thus I presume there are lots of them gathering dust in your garages. A fellow in Europe is...
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    SPF GT40 video

    Mike D asked about posting videos to the SPF forum. I successfully did it in the 'site questions, suggestions etc.' forum, and he asked that I repeat it here. I attempted to do so, and it apparently has NOT worked: <iframe width="560" height="315"...
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    Proper ZF gear lube

    All, This may warrant being turned into a permanent sticky. A friend of mine is having his gearbox overhauled by Lloyd Butfoy at RBT Transmissions right now (coincidentally, I brought it down to Lloyd's shop along with my wife's Pantera gearbox, being overhauled at the same time)...
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    It doesn't get any better than this!

    I love it!
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    RBT rebuilt Dash-1 ZF for sale

    Guys, A Mangusta-owning friend named Tom Galli has a GT40-ready Dash-1 ZF for sale. It came out of a 1971 Pantera, so it has the 4.22 ring and pinion (his Mangusta has a 4.50 R&P). He sent it to Lloyd Butfoy who completely rebuilt it, and modified it to run inverted in proper GT40/Mangusta...
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    New batch of Quaife ZF replacement gearboxes

    Guys--I know NOTHING; I just received this press release from a friend: QBE62G 5-speed H-pattern synchromesh gearbox for GT40 and deTomaso Pantera Our latest batch of transaxle sequential gearboxes has been built and are available off-the-shelf today. The new batch of QBE62G...
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    Hilarious Amazon Reviews -- Sugar-free Gummi bears

    Hi guys, Just found out that sugar-free Gummi bears can generate an enormous amount of laughs when administered to your enemies. Click on the link below, and check out the endless number of totally hilarious reviews on Amazon! Amazon -- sugar-free Gummi bears
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    GT40 PR photo?

    Hi guys, A lady is selling this original GT40 PR photo, which I believe is a Ford PR pic, perhaps taken in Dearborn? Does anybody know which car this is?