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    RCR GT40 Partially Completed Kit ***SOLD***

    Guys, I am thinking of selling my partially completed RCR Mark I left hand drive (US side) Deluxe plus kit with the following options: Gulf Flares Widened BRM wheels The car is finished in blue gelcoat and is the Deluxe + kit. In addition I have added the following. 2014 Coyote 5.0 Borla...
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    What steering columns are you all using?

    I would like to find a column that is a little more finished than what came with my RCR GT40 however I do not want it so modern it looks out of place (late model with signals, headlights and wiper stalks). I have been looking at everything from the Race Columns like Woodward Steering as well as...
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    Mold Foam

    For you guys who have made molds out of foam, what are you using? I have seen the 2 part, the standard home improvement foam, are you spraying into a box to build a shape for which you then sculpt? Any suggestions or good sources to learn from would be appreciated. Thanks Dennis
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    Quick Lift Template

    Does anyone have templates for the rear (and if possible front) quick lift brackets? I see people have in the past PM'd them but I do not see them in the forum somewhere. It would be cool if we had a file repository for brackets and parts that you are willing to share. I have been making...
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    Hartwell Alternatives

    Has anyone found current sources for SARMA latches or equivalent still available? I my just go with one of the Hartwell replicas, I just thought I would check and see if there is anything new like the Sarma latch. Thanks Dennis
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    Transaxle Crossmember Bushing

    Guys, What have you done for the bushings that go in the cross over element for the transaxle on a RCR40? It looks like some have done poly bushings? I am running a ZF with a Coyote and although the range is small the overall length of the bushing will be different based on where I place my...
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    Mk1 Rear Clam Number Tag Differences

    In looking at various cars here and in my Spain book I see several different rear spoiler sections on Mark 1 cars. Some smooth like SPF, some with a single step, no opening, and some like my RCR car with a step and a second step that appears to be cut out by most. Frankly I like the...
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    GT40Installation Manual/Guide

    Guys, Am I being naive to think there is an assembly guide or manual for GT40 kits? I see there is a tremendous amount of real world knowledge from the various build threads, I was just wondering if there was one from RCR direct? Dennis
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    Year of MCO

    All what are the implications of the year of the manufacturers certificate of origin? I thought states (CO) register the year of completion not MCO/MSO? Any advice?
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    Transaxle Mounts

    I have searched a this with no success, what are the implications of the transaxle specification when you order a RCR GT40? I specified a ZF and I am wondering if that means the chassis will only ever be able to use a ZF? Is it just a shifter? I am wondering if I could swap a different...
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    New Order Questions

    I have a Deluxe plus kit on order with Fran and had a few questions for fellow owners. 1. I ordered the 15x14 wheels and I am not seeing ANY tires that state they fit on a 14" wide wheel? I want my tires near flush (but inside) of the Gulf +2 flares. Did I make a mistake here, and should I try...
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    4" Gulf Flares

    Hi Fran, I spoke to you yesterday about my plans to build a Coyote GT40. I am trying to figure out all the options I would like, I am having a hard time finding any cars with the 4" Gulf Flares? I see plenty of 2", do you have any pictures or showing the difference? I did a fair amount of...
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    WTB RCR or ? partially Completed Kit

    I am looking for a project, before I buy new I thought I would test the waters to see if someone had a lingering project. I am wrapping up a Coyote install in my 69 Bronco and would like to build a MK1 with a Coyote as well. Please let me know if you have or know of one for sale. Thanks Dennis