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    FS USA 60 Books--Sold.

    Books have been purchased over the span of 20+ years. Original owner. Some are well used, others are like new. Some very informative, some valuable. If your interests are racing, building, tinkering, this collection is for you. This is your guide to spending money, lots and lots of money. This...
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    2003 JBL Competition Roadster **No Reserve Auction**Sold**

    Hello everyone, think I can post this here. If I need to make amends or delete the post do so or I will. Under the Purple Wave auction site, I have listed my JBL. It is a no reserve auction, for 30 days, ending Oct. 30. They handle the funds, they have the title, I have the car. When all is...
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    Advertising a couple cars question.

    Hello Ron or other admin. I have a couple roadsters I am in the process of selling. It is on another auction site, no reserve. Is it possible to advise the membership here about that and the particulars of the cars without posting a link to the auction? I am not a supporter so understand I...
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    FS USA *Sold*

    Thanks GT40s.
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    LS EFI bits and pieces

    This came up on another forum I frequent, thought some here might be interested. Some knowledgeable people there. Just FYI GMPP 480hp cal • Speed Talk
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    FS USA AFR205 solid roller springs, keepers, seats, retainers

    PAC Racing Spring 1.550" OD Roller Dual Valve Spring, 225 lbs on seat, .710" maximum lift, Max .050 duration 260° #8000. Manley 10° Chrome Moly Retainers #8511, 10° Bead Lock Valve Keepers #9009, Viton Valve Seals #6612, Hardened Spring Seat #8048. these are as issued from afr, 3-4 keepers...
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    FS USA aviaid dry sump pump, pan, extras

    4 stage aviaid pump #001-14220 with 1.5" scavenge/pressure sections. billet fabrication dry sump pan, 6 1/2" deep pump bracket #104 40011-02 2 belts plus extra long belt to be used with primer peterson screened filters for pan 4 pulleys to give 4 different pump ratios all...
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    source for leather

    i was visiting an aircraft surplus supply house locally and they had whole cow hides for finishing whatever i guess, $135 each, and they had 2200 of them, so if anybody is looking they might want to consider. i see some of you are considering upholstery or dash work, so thought i would post...