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    Lola GT MK6 Early Photos

    Other than the couple of photos from the introduction at the Racing Car Show, these photos from Silverstone Trophy race May 11th are the earliest photos prior to running Le Mans. I was interesting to see the original configuration. Photos courtesy of Revs Institute® Archives, George Phillips...
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    1964 Le Mans GT/104 fire photos

    I haven't see these before, they pretty much explain the DNF ! Stanford Univ. Revs Institute Archives enjoy, regards, jim p
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    North American Int'l Auto Show [Detroit]

    The Ford display outside the convention hall included MK-IV J5, GT350 5R002, and one of the new GT competition cars #66. I noticed a crack in the windshield of J5 i had not noticed before.
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    Other "Secret (or not so secret)" Ford race cars

    Interesting discussion of some lesser known programs from both sides of the pond, and an invitation to suggest more. Enjoy and comment Regards Jim