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  1. KENS80V

    Door hinge upgrade?

    Perhaps if we had enough interest and we all chipped in we could approach H Craft to design a superior lower door hinge for the SLC. Using the existing bolt pattern so an upgrade would be relatively simple. I just don't care for the metal to metal scraping of the factory supplied hinge. Has...
  2. KENS80V

    One more SLC bites the dust.

    Looks like one more of Allan's work has bit the dust. Looks like it was this one
  3. KENS80V

    LS3 and LS1 intake manifold shoot out.

    Here are two great videos showing how different types of intakes perform on the same engine. LS1 LS3
  4. KENS80V

    Tesla electronic parking brake controller and connector source

    I found a company that manufacters a controller, switch and connectors for the Tesla parking brake calipers. The controller is integrated into the switch on one model and separate on the second model. All 4 pins on the caliper connector are being used. (you can read the install manuals after...
  5. KENS80V

    LS3,LS9 and LT4 crate motor valve cover push lock fittings

    I found a source for the push lock fittings on the LS3, LS9 and LT crate motor valve covers. They are an odd size. The OEM LS3 and LS9 valve covers use the "medium" size and the LT crate motors use the "large" size. Use these for a more finished look. Here are a couple of pictures of what the...
  6. KENS80V

    GT-R and GT40 short video

    Here is a YouTube short video of the pair on a highway.
  7. KENS80V

    GT-R fan shroud help needed.

    I want to pick out a set of fans and build a shroud to use with my future GT-R project. Can someone with a GT-R measure their fan shroud for me please (height and width) It seems most use a pair of 12" fans but that leaves a lot of unused area on the shroud that will block flow at higher...
  8. KENS80V

    Original orange GT40 in Manitoba Canada.

    I enjoyed a conversation with the owner of this original GT40 back in the fall of 2017. He said it was the only one ever painted in orange from the factory.
  9. KENS80V

    27 spline rear stubshafts and C4 Corvette wheel bearings (new) SOLD

    27 spline outer rear stubshafts (pair) for 930 cv joints. $250 shipped SOLD Rear C4 Corvette wheel bearings (pair) with ARP studs. $120 shipped SOLD From the manufacturer.... Front C4 Corvette wheel bearings (pair) with ARP...
  10. KENS80V

    Bellcrank reinforcement plate ideas.

    I'm looking for help in designing bellcrank reinforcement plates. Pictures of what you have designed would be a big help. There have been reports of failure at this joint. My thumb and finger point to the two locations to join.
  11. KENS80V

    Brake line bulkhead fitting source?

    I'm converting my SLC brake system to ABS so I need to have all the brake lines plumbed on the outside (like the newer cars). I can't find a source for the steel bulkhead fittings that convert from 3AN to 3/8" inverted flare for 3/16" brake tubing. I'm pointing to the exact fitting I need.
  12. KENS80V

    FS USA RCR GT40 wiper kit "It's a Snap" (new)

    This is a brand new "It's a Snap" wiper kit that was sold for use in RCR GT40 cars. Price is in US Funds ($150 shipped).
  13. KENS80V

    GT-R bulkhead setback angle.

    Could anybody with a GT-R tell me what angle the bulkhead between the engine and passenger compartment is. I want to make some brackets for a coolant expansion tank and other items to mount to the upper wall. It looks to be approximately 100 degrees from horizontal.
  14. KENS80V

    FS USA C7 Corvette dry sump tank with Aviaid insert

    SOLD This is the factory OEM dry sump tank for the C7 Corvettes. Ideal if you are installing a LT4 engine. This tank was sent to Aviaid to develop a tank insert similar to the C6 Corvette tank. This is their first insert made. The tank was disassembled and meticulously cleaned and then...
  15. KENS80V

    FS USA LS engine heater core bypass valve

    I'm selling my heater core bypass set up for use with LS engines (never used). This is the Old Air Products 50-1555. I converted this control to be used by a toggle on/off switch instead of a rotary switch. Mine can also be used with no switch at all for stealth operation. You would just tap in...
  16. KENS80V

    FS USA Dry sump oil tanks

    Selling my dry sump oil tanks. 1-"new" 2 gallon 12AN bungs attached, single inlet. 19 1/2" tall SOLD 2-"new" 2 1/2 gallon 12AN bungs attached plus 1/2"npt heater port, 2 inlets. 24" tall $380 shipped The 2 gallon and 2 1/2 gallon tanks are brand new and never used. The taller tank has a few...
  17. KENS80V

    FS USA LS3 valley cover reversed with fitting.

    Selling my LS3 valley cover modified for reverse installation. I built a LS9 engine instead. The oil sensor tower was cut off and the surface milled to accept the included LS3 Katech adapter. This adapter is the more expensive one designed for the LS3 intake manifold. It doesn't require any...
  18. KENS80V

    Daniel's S85 build thread

    I hope Daniel doesn't mind me posting a link to his start up video. The sound is just amazing! Did you build all the engine wiring yourself Daniel? Daniel Gherasim - YouTube
  19. KENS80V

    New design Sanden SD7 a/c compressor mount.

    I think I'll try out this Sanden SD7 mount. It seems to be a nice design. It's made from 1/4" thick steel and uses a tensioner for the belt. I like the 4 point stable mount design. LS swap conversion Gen 3- Gen 4 Low Mount A/C Bracket SD7B10
  20. KENS80V

    LS7 exhaust manifold flanges and elbows

    I have collected various LS7 exhaust manifold flanges and elbows. These are original flanges with the recess machined in them. The three sets of flanges are $140 (each set) shipped to you. One set of elbows with the flanges on them. They have the factory O2 bungs on them. Ready to bolt up to...