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    New reproduction LG600 on ebay

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports Interesting, I wonder what the price is? Not cheap I'll bet. Some interesting stuff on their website including GT40 bodies. Anyone...
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    1975 Sebring 12 Hour

    Just came across this. Absolutely fascinating story with lots of great pics. 1965 Sebring 12-Hour Grand Prix of Endurance - Race Profile
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    WTB. 930 custom 4th gearset

    Wanted secondhand. Either a 30/22 (.73) or 31/21 (.71) 4th gearset for a 930 syncro transaxle. Thanks, Russ
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    School me up quickly on drag racing please

    I am doing a Classic race meeting at Ruapuna this Saturday. I have just seen there is a Drag meeting there on the Sunday. If my car comes through the Saturday OK, and the weather is OK, I am sorely tempted to to enter the drags. I still know next to nothing about drag racing but have re-read...
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    Jac Mac offline

    Jac Mac has just rung me to say that he has computer problems and asked that I mention that on this forum. He is unable to send or receive emails or PMs or connect to the forum. If you are expecting some communication from him, it is not going to happen until after the problem is sorted. He...
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    930 4th gear about .75 ratio

    I want to regear my trans. 4th is miles too high. Looking for a secondhand pair about .75 ratio. A bit either side would be OK. Synchro. Doesn't have to be totally mint, so long as its usable. I only need it to last until I can convert to a dog box with all custom gears. It'll be really...
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    Scratchbuilt 'Kiwi 40' goes racing.

    Five years in the making and after a couple of aborted attempts in the last month, last Sunday my Kiwi 40 finally took to the track in anger. It was a low key club day at Ruapuna, my local track, and I was running in the class for Classic Saloons. There were 36 cars on the grid, the quickest...
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    Problem with tacho dying

    Another big milestone tonight! Fired up the motor and boy is she sweet! There was really only one issue and that was every time we brought the revs up to 4000 the rev counter died. The reading returned to normal when we dropped the revs. If the motor was blipped harder the tacho crapped out at...
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    NZ built Sports racing cars. SCANZ etc.

    A discussion was starting to open up in my build thread so I thought I'd give it a life of its own here. May only be of interest to some Kiwis and may die a natural death but this will start the ball rolling. Yeah, Colin Smith built a series of Rhubarbs, about four or five I think. My fading...
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    Hewland LG600 in AMGT-2

    Was AMGT-2 ever fitted with an LG600? This has interested me ever since I read in John Allen's book that it was. This is a question that has been pursued in several threads here and many people involved with this car have opined that they did not think that was so. <link rel="File-List"...
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    850 QC transaxle

    This came up through the TRT thread. What is/was the 850 QC trans axle? Presumably a quick change of some sort but a quick google came up with zip. Anyone got any info?
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    Unfinished GT40NZ on TradeMe (NZ)

    Located in Hamilton NZ. Usual disclaimer. FORD GT40 NZ Kit for sale - - New Zealand
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    Pivotal Engine

    I took the morning off today to attend Southmach 2009, a local machinery expo. I was amazed to find a revolutionary engine developed here in Christchurch which has been produced in several guises for the last few years. Quite a bit of lateral thinking has gone into this design of a high...
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    Kiwi 40

    To avoid too much thread drift I have reposted this here from this other thread ;- Kalun is right, one of the big bonuses is that the expenditure starts off small and is spread out over time. And the...
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    Adjusting 930 LSD power/overrun split.

    Well, I've just pulled my LSD to bits. It's the first LSD I've ever looked at. Everything looks good and measures up nicely and it appears easy enough to tighten it up a little. But what's got me beat is how to change the power/overrun split. Standard Porsche has much more locking on overrun...
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    Quality control in the US of A

    Now that I've got your attention, we've solved all your problems.......:) To the citizens of the United States of America: In light of your failure in recent years to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the...
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    Weismann slip for LG600

    Or is it a locker? Feast or famine ! Nothing for these trans for months/years now here we go, two in two days! Usual disclaimer. eBay Motors: Wiseman LG600 differential center Hewland vintage race (item 370020269749 end time Feb-14-08 20:15:37 PST)
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    LG500/600 ratios etc

    For anyone with an LG500/600. eBay Motors: Hewland LG600 LG500 gears vintage race McLaren Donohue (item 370019866951 end time Feb-13-08 14:17:09 PST) No connection to me. Cheers
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    S F O S 2008

    Hi guys, For all the well heeled members here. Consider coming out to NZ for SFOS 2008. Your overseas currency goes a long way when converted to NZ dollars!:) Comprehensive details here :- Further info about Ruapuna Skope 2008...
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    Issue with search function?

    Ron, Earlier today I was wanting to look up a recent thread that I knew was titled "What causes heavy steering at racing speeds" and I did a search on 'heavy' using 'Search titles only' ; 'All open forums' ; 'At least 0 replies' ; 'From any date'. It brought up six threads but not the one in...