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    Clever People please help

    I have what I think is probably a simple problem that I thought some of you smart folks here might be able to help me with. I recently bought some standard weight plates for my home gym however the centre hole for these plates where the bar goes in is just a little bit too small. The hole is...
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    Rexona ad car?

    Has anyone else seen the yellow very GT40-esque car in the latest Rexona ad here in Oz. It has a lot of similar features, but a few differences too (such as suicide doors). If anyone knows anything about it I would love to hear. Anyway it is a cool looking car. I wish i had a picture I could...
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    General Gapping Questions

    Hi Everyone I have what might eb a series of obvious and silly questions but as I don't know I will ask anyway. I read Dean Lampe's thread and he was saying he was going to send his fantastic looking car back to the body shop to improve the gaps. It got me thinking and now I have a number of...
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    Bo Dukes Car for sale

    John Schneider (wasn't he building an RF GT40?) Is apparently selling (one of) his restored General Lee's on ebay. Bidding us up over USD $2M. Wow. eBay Motors: Dodge : Charger (item 250108256198 end time May-04-07 10:02:36 PDT) Enjoy Jack
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    You know you are a GT40 Nut when...

    I spent last week on th Gold Coast. One night I went out for ice cream with my son and spotted an immaculately presented DRB in Gulf colors parked on the street. The unexpected joy of this sighting left me quite literally unable to sleep. I had to get up at about 1Am to go for a jog. My wife...
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    Start Buttons

    Having had a quick look through the search engine and not finding an obvious answer I would like to pose the question to those more knowledgable than I about the ubiquitous start buttons sometimes seen in cars. My question is basically aside form historic accuracy, what is the purpose of the...
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    DRB 44 For sale

    Hi Guys I noticed in a magazine here in Oz called Unique Cars that this GT40 that I first saw here onthe forum is for sale. The price is POA from Peter Ransom at DRB Australia. Here are some old pictures. Do any of you Queenslanders know why he is selling this so soon after he bought it...
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    5.4L Boss Engines

    I posed this question in another thread, but thought I should re-direct it somewhere more appropriate. DRB in Australia have modified their chassis to acceot the Boss 260 and Boss 290 engines. These are 5.4L engines that produce as the name suggest 260 and 290kw of power respectively. The...
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    Street Ford Issue 4

    In the Australian version of Street Ford magazine, way back in issue 4 they had a feature on a Roaring Forties car that could do a claimed 0-100 in about 3.6 seconds. I have attached a picture of the car. It has an interesting rear window design. Anyway, I was hoping someone would be able to...
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    White with blue stripes 4 sales

    found this. looks pretty nice from the pictures. hurry, offer ends soon it isn't mine by the way. Jack 2005 Ford GT 40 MK1 Reproduction 1966 ASM N243 For Sale
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    New DRB Website

    I was just doing a bit of surfing and noticed that DRB Australia have updated their website and it is now working. Here is the link: DRB Sportscars Australia Cheers Jack
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    100 Most Influential Cars of All Time

    A Melbourne newspaper recently had an article where the motoring journo listed his top 100 most inflential cars of all time. Interestingly the GT40 came in at 29 which was either 1 ahead or 1 behind the Ferrari Enzo. The new Ford GT came in at about 85. Even more interesting the article had a...
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    Another Rf on Ebay

    I found this one too. It isn't mine either. Good Luck Jack
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    RF GT40 on ebay

    I found this on ebay today. It isn't mine. Regards Jack
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    LeMans oval style engine and rear vent covers

    I have noticed that some GT40's such as the CAVS and most of the RF's I have seen have the Lemans style oval vents at the rear and over the top of the engine, and others have a more meshy type covering. I was wondering if, aside from looks, was there any other differences? For example, with...