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    spf gtp2124 for sale

    See gt 40's for sale on this web site for details. Jerry Douglas
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    spf gt40p2124 for sale in Missouri

    Delivered in December 2006 this is the only fe powered superformance gt 40 that has been delivered. This is a mk2 and the original mk2's had 427 sideoiler engines. This car has a new old stock 427 side oiler cast in 1966 that was found still in the original crate ( short block). This motor was...
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    throttle cable issues

    I know this has been discussed before but thought I might save someone a lot of headaches. I changed carbs from a holley hp with vacumn secondarys to a mighty Demon with mechanical secondarys and found I could not open the throttle all the way. The Demon required a lot more pull to fully engage...
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    900 miles in three weeks

    I took delivery three weeks ago of mk 2 gt40p2124 427fe (1966 new old stock 427 sideoiler short block completed by Kieth Craft)At Dennis Oltoff's shop in n.c. and due to some unseasonably good weather have driven close to 900 miles. For those of you who are waiting for your car's I can assure...
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    gas fumes in cabin

    I have a spf mk2 with a single 4 barrel 427 fe and under certain condition's I get gas fumes inside. I also get the fumes in my panterra. Is this the nature of mid engine cars? Looking for ideas. I have put 900 incredible miles on my spf mk2 in the three weeks since delivery and It is simply...
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    first drive in spfgt40p2124

    Incredible in a word. I put almost 200 miles on my car last week on roads around oltoff's shop, very pleased. car is incredibly solid and rides as good as my 2005 mustang gt. a bit limited on rear vision and a bit tight for 6ft/1inch 235 lbs guy but was ok. The 427 fe 560 hp pulled as hard in...