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  1. manta22

    1963 Lola Mk6

    The Lola GT is really SMALL. Nice looking car. At the Nurburgring in '63 I overheard a couple of mechanics talking "Have you seen the new Lola? It makes the Ferrari look like a lorry!"
  2. manta22

    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    I stand corrected, Mark. I didn't know they did that. Tricky!
  3. manta22

    Head rest design

    SFI roll bar padding would have helped, too.
  4. manta22

    Vixen GT 1962

    Thank you for posting this video, Paul. That is an interesting car. It is nice looking but without the original builder's constraint of using a passenger car windshield it could have been even better.
  5. manta22

    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    Mason, you've connected the two pickups with a "Y" connector into a single line so when only one pickup is submerged the other will be sucking air and no fuel will be picked up. I think you would be better off with one pickup in the lowest or rearmost place in your fuel cell. That fuel cell is a...
  6. manta22

    T70 front five planes

    Here is a Griffin (not to be confused with the remarkable Rolls-Royce aircraft engine) :)
  7. manta22

    T70 front five planes

    OK, here are pictures of both sizes. They are both a thin symmetrical profile that may be NACA M2. If so, it stalls at just under 10 degrees angle of attack and best lift/drag occurs at about 5 degrees. The largest airfoil is long enough that it could be cut in two to make one for each side of...
  8. manta22

    Head rest design

    Spud, that 7G figure for blacking out is for a continuous force. Football players, etc routinely suffer 50G+ impacts but those are only for a few milliseconds.
  9. manta22

    Heart Rate fun

    Mark- ...and in the rain!
  10. manta22

    Suspension design

    FRank, aluminum spherical rod end bearings are specifically forbidden in some sanctioning bodies because of potential fatigue failures.
  11. manta22

    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    Rex, 4130N is available in round, square, and even streamlined tubing.
  12. manta22

    T70 front five planes

    No, but I do have two types of carbon-fiber pop-out airfoils that were used on a USAF glide bomb or missile. They may have been used on a Raytheon AGM-176 Griffin. One type is larger that the other, about the same as would be used on a T70 nose. Would this help?
  13. manta22

    Make the Noise!!

    Project Binky.....please!
  14. manta22

    Seattle Active Power GT40 - A Father/Son build

    Peter, the Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful drive.
  15. manta22

    Seattle Active Power GT40 - A Father/Son build

    Peter, Congratulations on getting your car registered! That is a real Milestone. "My passenger area is always filled with 2 sets of tools. I went to Harbor Freight and just bought a full 2nd set of cheap tools so that I could just leave these in the car all the time. I now have 1,000 miles on...
  16. manta22

    Eperiences with Tornado Sportcars

    Well, you could be buying Ferrari parts.... when I rebuilt mine years ago the prices kept changing- always in the upward direction. Their explanation was "It's the exchange rate" but this excuse was offered whether the $ to Lire rate went up OR down.
  17. manta22

    S2's Build Thread

    It sounds as if you are going into your project fully informed and have considered the risks/benefits. Best of luck, I hope it meets your expectations.
  18. manta22

    S2's Build Thread

    Very nice but keep in mind that everything added to a build is a potential point of failure. The more sophisticated the system the more likely a failure will be a major problem. Being stranded in the middle of no where is no fun, especially at night or if it is raining. Balancing simplicity with...
  19. manta22

    Big Displacement DOHC Engines

    The 1928 Duesenberg Model J used a 7L straight-8 with 4 valves per cylinder. Supercharged, too.
  20. manta22

    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    I guess it's a matter of personal choice. I love my Jim-Glo aluminum tilt trailer. No ramps to fool with.