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    original transaxle

    Thought some of you might like to see photos of this pretty rare original GT40 transaxle thats headed to a new home in the UK.
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    Wanted junk-damaged incomplete ZF's

    I am looking for a few damaged, blown up or incomplete ZF's. Realy need type-1 or type-0 boxes but would buy any cheap type-2 boxes as well. Jay Cushman 207 892 8141
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    I have also been lucky enough to spend a day with the owner of 1067 and we took his car out and stripped the original body work off and went thru the car and documented each and every part and started the inventory for a full restoration as time permits. This is a very original MK 1 that came...
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    Gt 109

    This is Deans original roadster with the body off for some final work. I spent the better part of 2 days at Deans going over plumbing and wiring to get ready to start the engine for the first time since the 60s.
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    While in Cal this week I was able to spend another evening with 1028
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    Here is a pic of GT40P-1014 with its race bodywork and original bodywork tucked away in its warm home along with its many roomates
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    While at Harley Cluxtons shop I got to spend a day with 1074 which is 1 of the very few real mirage/GT40 chassis's left. Notice the square dash area.
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    I also checked in on 1032 while in Detroit and theres a good link to a photo site on another thread now
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    I got to spend a day with 1050 last week while in Detroit. This was 1 of a couple cars with AC. This is a very original GT40 still owned buy its second owner. The first owner was GM
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    Original Lola wheels for sale

    I have an original set of magnesium 15x10 and 15x14 factory lola wheels from the late 60s. These are original 40 year old mag and I would not race on them very hard but would make a great set of car show wheels for that nice replicar. These have been media blasted and checked for cracks and all...
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    While in california on other GT40 related business last week I was invited to come look over 1028 and here are a few pics to let everybody know its alive and well and in a great home.
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    A great day with AM-GT2

    I had a wonderfull day with the ex Allan Mann-Paul Hawkins GT40 owned by Jack Launtz since 1985 last friday. Jack was a great host and gave me full access to AM GT2 in order to make my photographic files on original GT40's even more complete. There were only 2 Allan Mann small block cars and...
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    Original Replacement Parts.

    As most of you already know I make alot of replacement parts for original GT40s. Some of these will only be of use to those who have an original car or building an exact or near exact replicar. Some of my parts like the lucas mirror mounts will fit anything from an original to a space frame car...
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    safe fuel tanks

    With all the discussion on here about safe seat mounting it brings up my biggest concern, safe fuel tanks. Whats everybody doing about safely carring fuel in these gt40 kit cars.
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    Original GT 40 Uprights

    This is an original set of all 4 matching magnesium uprights from a Mk 1, which is the same as Mk 11s. These are part numbers GT 40 P 4540 rears. The fronts are GT 40 P 4029 and 4030. 1 rear is the late style and 1 is the earlier style and has 1 crack I am having fixed now. These all came off...
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    Original Mk 1 tailights

    This is an original set of Lucas tail lights from a GT 40 Mk 1. I have all 4 lenses but only 2 housings with all leads in tact. No wires have been cut and both hosings are good. All 4 lenses are solid with no cracks but there is red overspray from a earlier pantjob. These were replaced during a...
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    As original gt40 rear upright clevis rods

    I am presently taking 50% deposits for a limited run of upper and lower clevis rods for original GT40s. These will be exact and cnc machined from a solid bar of 1 1/2" x 2" 4340 billet stock which will be stronger than the original forgings. The early buy in will be at cost which is $550 usd a...
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    Gurney-Weslake heads and parts

    As some of you already know, I bought all of Dan Gurney's inventory of Ford parts last January. I have sold some kits but have been working on filling in the holes in his inventory. He had most of the original patterns, prints and tooling for many of the needed parts. I have completed the rocker...