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    Car show

    Car show today
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    Superlite gated shifter

    Anyone have pictures of Superlite gated shifter install from start to finish on a Graziano. Cable bracket and attach cables to shifter? I am changing from a stock shifter to gated. Thanks Ed
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    Nose hinge

    Anyone have a contact on where to buy.
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    Registration in Fl.

    SLC in Florida Anyone have a titled SLC in Florida? Thinking of moving there any problems getting tags?
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    Watch SLC at Summit Point Live

    4/21 I am going to try to broadcast from Summit Point on Periscope. It's a app that you can download on your phone free. If you have not use it download turn it on and go to the picture of the earth click then find Summit Point it's in West Virginia. If I am live there will be a red dot over the...
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    SLC at the track this week end

    Raver Motorsports will be at Summit Point this weekend 4/20-22/18. This is one of the fastest SLC around if not the fastest. Check out some of the videos on facebook and youtube. There may be two other street SLC there. Agile Automotive is there support team and will be taking care of the car.
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    Drop gears FS

    Drop gears for a graziano transmission for sale. $1800 shipped new in box. Thanks Ed
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    Cars and Coffee

    [""] Video I found of my car on youtube
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    SLC Christmas Pictures

    Mr. Bear takes a Christmas ride! Autumn drive
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    SLC on Periscope

    Tomorrow 10/17/15 from 8:15 to 8:30 I will try to broadcast from Katies cars & coffee on Periscope. Periscope is a free app that can be downloaded on Apple or android phones. I will also try to broadcast Sunday about the same time My name on Periscope is SLC Ed. Tune in Ed