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    Looking for a Mark II on Long Island

    Sorry, but it seems the forum has changed since my last visit so I don't know where to post this. Hopefully someone has a Mark II on Long Island and is willing to show it. If anyone knows of one or has one which they are willing to show, please send me a PM. Thanks.
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    Looking for Structural Engineer for residential renovation

    Title says it all. Looking for a structural engineer for a remodel. I'm in New York. Thanks in advance.
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    Lola T70 Spyder for Sale

    Offered is a professionally built Lola T70 Spyder. Custom tube frame chassis, balanced and blueprinted 383 Chevy small block, coated bundle of snakes exhaust, QA1 shocks, Turbo Audi 5 speed, BRM rims, Wilwood brakes, removable steering wheel. Painted red with White Surtees stripe. Head lights...
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    Cleaning Out The Garage Mark IV, 427 Side Oiler, Porsche Turbo transaxles

    Cleaning out the garage: For sale: Mark IV complete body and glass windshield $15,000 Built Ford 427 Side Oiler, high riser heads, can email build specs to serious buyer $25,000 Rebuilt Porsche 930 turbo 4spd with lsd $7,500 Rebuilt Porsche G50/52 turbo trans...
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    Cummins v8 300m engines - injectors needed

    Hello Gents. Wondering if anyone knows a good diesel injector rebuilder. I have a set of injectors from a Cummins v8 300m engine which need rebuilding. At a shop currently but it does not look like he can do the job. Engines easily from the 1970's, maybe older. Know the engines were used in...
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    Lola T70 for sale

    Zero miles on this shop built Lola. Custom tube frame chassis, CAV uprights, wilwood brakes, Audi Turbo 5spd. Needs minor finishing - seat belts, headlights installed and an engine. Taking the motor for another project. Will come with adapter/clutch package, exhaust. Asking $70,000 or best...
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    Porsche Turbo transaxles for sale

    Cleaning out the garage gents. For sale: Porsche 930 Turbo 4spd, rebuilt with lsd $7,500 Porsche Turbo 5spd, G50/52, rebuilt with lsd $8,000 or best offer. Other parts coming soon - Gt40 wheels and tires Complete Mark IV body & glass Lola T70
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    Rebuilt Porsche 930 Turbo Gearbox

    Selling a rebuilt 4spd out of a Porsche 930 Turbo. Has lsd. Asking $7,500.00 plus shipping. Inspections welcomed.
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    Would this car pass a technical inspection?

    Would this car pass a technical inspection at a race track? Here are some pictures of my Lola T70 Spyder, which was built by a “professional” shop. The shop owner represents the car to be a “high quality build”. It lacks seatbelts, amongst other things. Barring the lack of seatbelts, would the...
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    Help needed with RCR subcontractors

    Hello all, I'm hoping some forum members can help with some information. I am looking for contact information for the following subcontractors of RCR: Rick Rasmussen, Mark Montayne, Dan Reagan, Matt Furness, Denny Bera, Jason Van Horn and Adrien Van Pelt. If anyone has an address or phone...
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    Anyone near Valley Alabama??

    Have a favor to ask of a forum member if he/she lives near Valley Alabama. Send me a pm if you are willing to help. Nothing major. Thanks.
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    Calculating PSI load garage floor

    Happy Holidays everyone. I am installing radiant heat in the garage and trying to calculate the PSI of the foam required to be installed under the slab. The xps is rated at 25, 40, 60 & 100psi. Recommendations have run from 25 psi to 60 psi. Price as you can guess increases at approx 50% more...
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    Looking for the owner of this Kudzu

    Title says it all. Looking for the owner of this Kudzu. PM me any info. Thanks.
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    427 sideoiler

    I am selling my built 427 sideoiler. It has cast iron high riser heads and all the right pieces. Single 4 barrel. Was built for my personal car which was never built. Serious only. $25,000.00
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    Mark IV Body - Windshield

    I have a Mark IV body, windshield and headlite covers for sale. Body and windshield are available for immediate pickup. $13,500.00 or best offer.
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    RCR being sued

    Well, the title says it all. As many of you know I was a big supporter of RCR and its owner. Unfortunately, things have not worked out. As of this time I have commenced litigation and I am seeking witnesses. I am not interested in discussing my suit. Witnesses can contact me through a private...
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    Carlisle - anyone going

    Anyone going to Carlisle this year? Show dates are May 21-23.
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    Spare parts

    Well, my custom build looks like it is coming to a close. Extra parts are as follows: AP Racing 4 pot brake calipers front and rear - new - 950.00 Porsche 930 Turbo trans with lsd, box has been gone through by local race shop...
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    Any boiler maintenance/repair members?

    I am hoping there is a boiler maintenance/repair member who can assist me. I have a Vaillant boiler with a Beckett AFG burner. Nozzle is 1.10 @ 80 degree B. I performed routine maintenance, changed filter, screen on pump, new nozzle, cleaned and adjusted electrodes, and disassembled boiler for...
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    Porsche trans available

    I have a 930 4spd and a G50/52 with trans adapter/clutch/flywheel etc. Both rebuilt with lsd. $7,500 for 930 $11,500 for 50/52 with adapter/clutch/starter etc. Happy Holidays.