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    Familiar Dashboard

    Hey, here is a modified Triumph Vitesse for sale cheaply here in Oz (very rare model here). But the dashboard looks very familiar, and the steering wheel is even detachable.
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    Barnard B7

    Does anyone on the Forum have any acquaintance with the Barnard B7?
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    Expensive Manta in Australia

    There is currently a Manta for sale here, nothing to do with me, for AUS$250,000. And it's only a 2.8 litre engine, although it is road registered. But can't be worth this money.
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    Interesting Fords

    Pics of fairly rare Fords, for amusement.
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    GT40's and Future Generations

    Most of us have loved GT40's for years, decades. This was probably because we saw an original one or more in our youth, and realised what a unique and exciting vehicle they are. Today's generation, such as my adult son, also appreciates them, but to a lesser extent, and hasn't been exposed to...
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    Wallet Pictures

    Who out there carries photos in their wallet of their pride and joy (the GT40, not the wife)? I'm curious.
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    Maserati Birdcage Auction - Bargain

    In August, Mecum's Monterey auction will have a 1960 Maserati Tipo 61/60 Birdcage built for Briggs Cunningham. It's more re-creation than restoration, by Britain's Steve Hart (classic Maserati and Ferrari restorer). A Birdcage made from two cars sold for $3.3m at last year's RM Monte Carlo...
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    GT40 Roadster Auction

    For those of you with a bit of loose change (a $3m bit), get over to Lake Como, Italy, for the 21st May RM auction Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. Among other mouth watering cars is one of the four remaining Ford GT Works Prototype Roadsters built by Ford Advanced Vehicle Operations. Should be...
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    Old Ford Special

    Here is an old Ford race car I'd never seen before. This was at the Canberra "Wheels"event last weekend.
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    Elfin Streamliner

    Here is the local Elfin Streamliner at the "Wheels" event in Canberra, Australia. I think it's fugly, but it's all a matter of taste.
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    Australia - Cars For Sale

    It is interesting that in Australia there are currently seven GT40 replicas for sale on the Car Point site. Here we suffer from high car prices generally, with second hand car prices for all cars up to twice the equivalent price in the US, for instance. There are currently DRB's at $100k...
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    Old Motorcycles

    Wandering around Strahan on holiday in Tasmania, there was a large gathering of ancient looking motorcycles. They all seemed to be Indians.
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    Any GT40 Owners in Tasmania?

    Hi guys. Lin and myself are visiting Tasmania this coming week, generally around Hobart and out to Queenstown. Are there any owners/builders around Hobart that we could drop by briefly? I'm just talking a 20min. visit, not tying you up all day, as we have lots to do. But quick inspections would...
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    What's Your Oldest Workshop Item?

    Moving from old cars to old tools. I have an electric soldering iron (small, circuitry size) in good condition that I've had for 50 years, since I was a boy.
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    Roll Cages in Road Cars, NSW, Australia

    In the current Open Road magazine (journal of the NRMA, the major motorists'association in the state of NSW), is published a disturbing letter. The major portion reads as follows: "I have a road registered 1976 911 Porsche Targa. Recently my mechanic took the car out for a test drive after...
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    Should Ford Recommence GT Manufacture

    As most of the thread categories related specifically to GT40's, I'm posting here. As the Ford GT is a great car, a modern homage to the GT40, but not a threat or rival to the replicas, I think Ford should continue manufacturing their GT. Perhaps they lost too much money on them. What do readers...
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    Wakefield Park

    A couple of GT40s at Wakefield Park (Goulburn, NSW, Australia) for the Cobra Nationals racing. The yellow 40 belongs to Ross Miller, the black one to Bob Kocoski. The black car is turbo'd and producing 900hp, and is road registered. Excuse the photo quality, from my iPhone.
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    Old Lee Majors TV Series

    Does anyone remember an old TV adventure series with Lee Major, back when he was the popular action hero, which was set in the future and he drove around with a side-kick in something like a 917-30 (replica) grabbing petrol at old abandoned fuel stations?
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    Happy Birthday Ron

    A very happy birthday Ron. There will be many more, too, as I see you're only a youngster. May you have lots of fun years playing with cars, and the associated socialising (drinking?).
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    Happy Birthday Peter Delaney

    Many happy ones, Peter. I have enjoyed reading your postings, and believe you are retired and able to potter about in the 40 whenever you feel like it. Well done.