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    Inverted G50/52 Vent

    Guys, How did/would you fabricate a vent to go in the drain plug of an inverted G50/52? I'd love some ideas that incorporate an inlet for cooled pumped transaxle oil. Thanks!
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    Information Query ... clip mnt thread diameter

    Guys, It is my understanding that the RF GT40 uses a "T" shaped adustable mount on each side for the rear clip. It has threaded rod section horizontally and vertically to provide the adjustment of clip location. Can someone please tell me the approximate diameter of these threaded rods...
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    Rear Clip Mounting

    Guys, I have Sabre 6210. The only significant nasty on the Sabre is the rather poor way the rear clip is attached. Is a rinky-dink arrangement that has no adjustability at all. You either get the holes drilled for the pivots in the clip in exactly the right place or ... I am thinking...
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    Centerline of G50/52???

    Guys, Are the drive hubs on the G50/52 symmetrical about the centerline of the transaxle? That is, should the distance from the drive flange to the chassis well be the same on each side? Another way to ask the question might be: Should the length of the half shafts be the same on each side...
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    WTB : Kevlar or Carbon Fiber scraps

    Guys, I'm looking for scraps of coarse carbon fiber or kevlar (or both) cloth that I can take apart and use to create fillet strengtheners. Would be very happy to buy a few ounces of material from someone that has scrap or extra. Thank you!
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    Fuel Cell Vents design

    Guys, I'm at the point that I can plumb the fuel cell vent lines. The documentation that came with the Sabre is minimal, and I've not thought much about this subject before ... therefore the question to you all: How did you plumb the vents of your fuel cells? Lynn built lines to a carbon...
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    -6 AN to 3/8" SS tubng adapter?

    -6 AN to 3/8\" SS tubng adapter? Guys, I need to go from -6 AN male to 3/8" stainless steel tubing (0.3735" OD, 0.300 ID) for an existing fuel cell. Where do I find such a thing? All of the -6 AN females to tubing at Summit specifically state for Aluminum tubing. Have all of the other stuff...
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    A little help ... G50/52 Mount bolt thread??

    Guys, I apologize for the trivial question, but I live in Charleston, WV, and materials resources are pretty slim. We have a local old fashioned hardware store that has some unusual things but most often I have to order high quality nuts, bolts and washers from McMaster-Carr if I can identify...
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    Dumb simple question

    Folks, Sorry to ask such a dumb simple question ... but I don't know and have never thought about it: Is the center hole in an oil filter the outlet or inlet? On my Cobra it is plumbed as the outlet. Correct? Thanks, mike
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    Shortening a distributor?

    Guys, As you might have guessed, I'm so cheap I squeak. (Actually don't have a lot of extra monies so I don't have much of a choice.) One of the lessons taught by the engine install is that Ron was correct ... the distributor (MSD p/n 8354) is a bit tall. Would be much better if it were an...
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    Header assembly lube?

    Guys, Anything that can be used to lubricate the assembly of ceramic coatede bundle of snake headers that won't cause terrible discoloration when the engine is fired? Could something like high temp nickel-bearing anti-sieze (thermo plate) be used and the outside wiped off before the engine is...
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    half shaft angle to the transaxle??

    Guys, In a set up with a Porsche transaxle, what kind of angle should I expect to see for the half shaft to the axis of the transaxle looking down from above the car? How close to 90 degrees should I expect? How much deviation is allowable? We loaded the engine into the car today. The...
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    Porsche transaxle hub bolt pitch

    Guys, What is the pitch of the bolts used on the drive hub of the Porsche G50/52? Need to order socket head screws and measure the shaft and shoulder diameters so that I can finish the adapters. (I guess I'm going to have to acquire a metric pitch gauge.)
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    Sabre 6210 Build ... finally some progress

    Guys, I've asked all kinds of questions and you kind folks have answered them. The endeavor is finally showing some progress so I thought I'd start posting some results. 6210 came into my life when it was posted for sale as a chassis and body on eBay ... at a price I could afford. It arrived...
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    Tips on loading the engine?

    Guys, With a little guidance from Bill (Bayard) and Lynn, the G50/52 transaxle is mounted on the engine. Went slick as can be with only one set of hands at the task. Surprised the heck out of me! Now I need to load the engine into the car to see the exact height required of the rear transaxle...
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    Clearance cut in wheels for Corvette spindles???

    Guys, Particularly those with DRB setups ... I have a Sabre with Corvette spindles and currently Corvette brakes. The rear uprights are from DRB and the fronts from the 'Vette. Lynn's wheel drawing shows a 1/2" recess in the back of the wheel (from outside the bolt circle to the rims) which...
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    Wow! Compomotive has had a huge price increase!

    Guys, I'm looking for a pair of 8" wide x 17 and a pair of 12" wide by 17" wheels with a 4.5" backset (measured rim to the back side of the center disk) on Corvette bolt circle (4.75") I have Compomotive HB5s on my Cobra ... but they are for a Ford bolt circle. I like the wheels very much...
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    Fuel filler caps

    Jared Carson has just finished another run of GT40 fuel filler caps. Mine arrived today. This guys is a CLASS machinist and produces a splendid product at quite a reasonable price. His email is: [email protected] (remove the extra @ from the address)
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    Accessory drive speeds -2-??

    OK Guys ... no takers on the last question. I'll try to be more specific. The Powermaster site indicates that for circle track racing one would like a 1:1 pulley ratio; for drag racing a 2:1 ration and for the street a 3:1 ratio (where the alternator rpm = ratio*engine rpm) Looks like the...
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    accessory rotation speeds???

    Guys, Looks to me like the pulley set up provided with the engine is a bit screwed up ... seems the alternator rpm is likely to be too high (for high engine rpm) and the a/c compressor is likely to be too low at low speeds. Per 1000 rpm at the c/s they currently are: alternator: 1260 w/p...