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    Development videos

    I have been working really hard getting the car drivable. I thought about giving an update since the last novel in my build thread, but that's too overwhelming to think about. So this is easier. I have an appointment with the local BMV inspection set up for next week. I took the car to Grattan...
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    Koso temp sensors question

    I am using the Koso dash and have a Lexus 1UZ engine. When I turn on the ignition the instruments say the water and oil temps are roughly 135 and 155. When the engine is stone cold. I called Koso, they asked if I extended the wires. I may have, that was a long time ago. Well, the sensors are...
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    Has anyone done the first start and go kart in the same night?

    I did :D Thanks Troy for all your help!! First start! First go kart pt 1 First go kart pt 2 First go kart pt 3 Fran, that engine is good after all! I first tried starting it over Christmas break. It has been a comedy of errors ever since. Maybe in my build log I'll detail everything I...
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    First start attempt

    I tried to turn over the motor for the first time tonight. I pressed the start button, the Infinity Box showed power to the Megasquirt 3 Pro, the injectors, and the starter. The starter gave a loud CLICK but the engine didn't turn over. I have a Lexus 1UZ engine. It's acting as if it's siezed...
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    Dimmer for the Koso gauges?

    Is there a way to dim the Koso gauges for night time driving? I was testing my interior lighting in complete darkness, and when I powered up the ignition the instruments were blinding. I can see this being an issue for night driving. I'm the type that likes the instrument dimmer on the low side...
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    Reverse lights

    What's the best way to wire the reverse lights on the Graziano? Run 12v to the gearbox switch as a relay trigger? Or run power straight from the switch to the reverse lights? Or is the switch intended to be a ground interrupt? Thanks! A.J.
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    M1 Concourse

    Any of you Michigan people getting in on this? M1 Concourse It's a commercial venture where clients buy garage space. Prices range from $125k to over $500k. There will also be a track on site, a restaurant, shopping and event space. The group I run my track days with (3 Balls) has it on...
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    Rear clam hinge

    Due to my Graziano gearbox, I have to cut out the middle of the support bar for the rear clam, and also cut a clearance hole in the rear clam for the gearbox. I will have a reinforcement welded up that connects the two sides, hopefully not losing much rigidity. I've been thinking about changing...
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    5 point or 6 point belts?

    My car will be a track days car, but hopefully will see considerable street time. I'm undecided on whether to get 5 point or 6 point belts. Is one preferable over the other, particularly regarding comfort? I'm definitely doing a camlock design for ease of use. Anything else to look out for? Any...
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    Hazards question

    Is there a way to differentiate the hazards signals from the turn and brake signals? I have a hazard button for the dash that illuminates when the hazards are on, but I'm not sure what to use to power it. A.J.
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    Infinity Box....impressive

    I'm trying to find out the name of the abrasion resistant wrap that Infinity Box uses on their harnesses. I called Infinity Box expecting them not to answer. It is Sunday night, after all. They didn't answer and I left a message. I called Summit Racing and placed an order. As soon as I got off...
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    Trinary switch question

    In the picture below, one of the black/green wires on the trinary switch is supposed to be connected to the AC thermostat. The other to the ac compressor clutch. The black wires on my trinary switch are identical and don't appear to have any differentiation. Is it arbitrary? Same for the blue...
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    AN wrench question

    I am considering buying AN wrenches so I don't chew up my AC and fuel lines during assembly. Question is, do I need to buy two sets? Or one set with an adjustable AN wrench? I get the feeling that if I only buy one set, I'll have to use a standard wrench on the other side of the joint and will...
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    AC copper tubes

    The copper tubes on my AC unit are different than the ones in Allan's video (circled in the pic below). Mine are on the outside of the box (right side in car position) and angle outboard. Not only do they keep the box from going all the way forward into position, they are pointing right at the...
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    Park brake mounted on gearbox

    Has anyone mounted the handbrake to the gearbox output shafts, specifically the Graziano? I started looking at the mounting location for the rear park brake caliper and realized it will require a lot of bracketry to get it to the correct location on the rotor. I am not using the factory kit, I...
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    Lots of questions on brake lines

    I've just spent a lot of time trying to piece this together and my mind is going to mush. The factory has changed the routing of the brake lines so mine is different than what I'm used to seeing. Once I get it all figured out I'll update this post A.J.
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    Lots of questions on brake line config

    I've just spent a lot of time trying to piece this together and my mind is going to mush. The factory has changed the routing of the brake lines so mine is different than what I'm used to seeing. Mine are on the outside of the foot box. I also pieced together the Tilton pedals but I'm not...
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    Need help with screw sizes

    I have a screw gauge on the way, but figured I'd ask just to be sure. Would like help on screw sizes for the following: - fuel sender - headlight covers and back window (prefer black coating if possible) - seat brackets to floor - track day splitter to front support (I had Fran leave...
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    Florida SL-C owners

    Any of you Florida guys near Sarasota or Orlando? I'm going to be in the area next week and would love to see another build. Better yet, getting my first ride in a completed SLC would really be frosting on the cake. I also plan to swing by Gulf Fabrics in Tampa and look at their...
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    Suede vs alcantara

    I love the way Ricardo's Porsche-based interior is turning out and intend on doing something similar in my build. I have 2 chairs at home that need to be reupholstered, and for practice I want to use the same materials that I will use in the car. I'm going to order some samples from