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    Visited RCR last week...

    I had the opportunity to visit Fran's new shop and see what was new. I last visited RCR a few years ago and I had the same emotion I had the first time I visited. It's like Disney for gearheads. It never gets old. I snapped a few pics:
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    Happy Birthday Allan aka Zakari

    Knowing how little Allan is in to celebrating his birthday, he may not appreciate the thread much.... that said I think deep down he will like the guys wishing him well on his birthday even if he doesn't admit it. Happy Birthday Buddy! :thumbsup:
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    Longest Street Drive in SLC

    What's the longest 1 way drive you've taken in your SLC on the street (not race miles)? Does anyone have a road trip planned with their SLC this year? I've only gone a couple of miles in mine since my interior wasn't installed. I'm planning on besting that this Spring.
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    New Intake Manifold Option

    I wonder how this intake would fit in a SLC: New X-Ram 690 HP Chevy LS 496 CI(8.1L) Beast. Nelson racing Engines. NRE TV Episode 209. Camaro. - YouTube
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    5 point vs. 6 point harness

    Pros/Cons of each? Any thoughts/experiences with either?
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    Something we all need:

    Thankful it won't cost us big $$$ to have our cars custom clearwrap guarded anymore. I guess it was only a matter of time: New Product Review: 3M Paint Defender - Clear Spray-On Film - Top Speed
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    Fire Suppression Systems

    I have 2 hand fire extinguishers installed, but I would like to add a full suppression system. What type, what size, and where are builders locating their fire suppression bottles and nozzles?
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    Interesting surge tank options

    Some cool options. I like this one:
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    Twin Turbo mid engine kit car..

    Not a RCR, but still an inspirational setup... NRE Drives 1200 HP Factory Five GTM. Street Test. 427CI LSX. Nelson Racing Engines. Mirror Turbo. - YouTube
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    The SLC is going mainstream...

    You, Too, Can Afford a Million-Dollar Porsche - MSN Autos
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    1.5 mile top speed Northeast event: Battle of the Superkit cars 2012?

    Here is the start of this on the other forum: Anyone know about this color or other candy looking red? - : Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum You remind me of the guy in class that shoots a spitball at someone then runs behind the teacher when the guy comes to respond. In...
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    SLC Driving Impressions

    This weekend I had the opportunity to drive Allan's SLC (thanks Allan). For those that aren’t familiar with his build, here are the high level details: LS-376 crate engine and controller Ricardo Transaxle with Stillen/AP racing clutch Custom Long tube headers (stepped 1.75" to 1.875") 3"...
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    Fast five...

    Who's seen it? What did you think? I saw it on Friday at an Imax theater. Completely preposterous and stupidly brilliant. I loved it and so did my wife oddly enough. She is not into these types of movies at all. She is more into classics and foreign films with substance and...
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    SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53

    I've been meaning to start a build thread but I'm still recovering from the trip to pick up my SLC. Details here: Quick synopsis for those that don't want to read the old thread: I started out having a GTM...
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    Brand New Ford GT Ricardo Clutch-OEM

    Brand new in the Ford Box Ford GT Ricardo multi disc clutch. Never used. $1500 shipped/insured to the continental US. Please let me know of any questions.
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    SL-C chassis's official

    I thought I was going to be happy with the GTM I was having built but I could never get the SLC out of my head. It was like I was married to the wrong woman or something. The GTM is a beautiful car with a lot of potential, but I knew early on I wouldn't be able to get the SLC out of my head...
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    SLC exhaust options

    How are people running their exhausts in the SLC? I've seen pics with turn downs in front of the rear wheels, and some exiting the diffuser. Can anyone post up pics of exhaust routing options? Are people running crossovers (h-pipe), x-pipe, or straight duals? I haven't heard a true dual...
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    Brand new GM Ls376 480hp crate motor w/controller kit

    Hello, I'm selling my brand new, never fired LS376 (ls3 w/gmhpp Hot cam) Ls3 including the Ls3 controller kit (hot rod computer and harness). This motor has 480hp. It's sitting in my kit as a mock up right now, but it's never been fired, or even wired up. The harness and computer are still...
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    G50 rebuilt, including new clutch, Kaz LSD, etc

    Hello, I'm selling a fresh never run rebuilt Porsche (from 1996 993) g50 including new steel synchros, KAZ LSD, etc. I'm also including brand the brand new Sach's clutch, and new CV Axle joint kit from Gbox. As you can see the trans was mounted for fitment, but it has never been ran or even...