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    SM 450 fuel tank cap

    Hi all, just a question, for those who know... I've noticed on few original GT40s I had access to, that specific fuel tank cap, with a cast support base, wearing "SM 450" on it. I've also seen these exact fuel caps on many old replicas, including my faithful 1986 GTD, pictured below. But, it...
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    Original papers ?

    If you like old papers... this might interest you ! (and if you have some $ to spend !) (I have no interest in this sale, just sharing what I came across on the Bay) Ford GT40 Homologation Papers Owners Documets John Wyer Ford Advanced Vehicles | eBay
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    Oil cooler on SPF

    Hi all, I've always loved the look of the "tower" oil cooler which I've seen on few SPF GT40s, like the one pictured below. I'd like to put one on my car. They desperately look like vintage Harrison 12-Bolts oil coolers, used on continental air-cooled aircraft engines, but I suppose that some...
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    Looking for Jay Cushman

    Hi all, Can somebody help me to get in touch with Jay Cushman ? I've sent him a couple of e-mails in april and may, regarding parts I wanted to order from him, then tried to call him (and some other kind people also tried to call Jay for me), but I've got no reply, and nobody answered on the...