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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Ray, the GTD 40 Godfather .
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    The I hate the Politics Thread - thread

    Rod you are mistaken. The Paddock is not a politics forum. It is a place for all things other than car stuff. Things like jokes, interesting pictures, interesting travels etc. It has become a home for disgruntled, politically disappointed jerks who fill the Paddock with their drivel and boring...
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    Graham Kelsey of GTD 40 fame

    All of you GTD 40 followers who remember the good old days with the Poole/ Manchester lads will remember Graham as a helpful, friendly and funny guy who was Rays right hand. Unfortunately he has lost his battle with cancer. He was at home with his wife Mary and his step daughter last night when...
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    Looking for Jim Pierce Ex GTD

    I know that Jim has been on the forum occasionally but I have lost his contact info. Does anyone know how to get in touch? Sorry, the correct spelling is Pearce.
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    2.92 ring and pinion from Albins

    Does anyone know if the Audi 016 ring and pinion set by Albins is still available in a 2.92 ratio?
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    GTD40 is For Sale **SOLD**

    My GTD40 Show/Track car is for sale. I have enjoyed this car both on the track and on grand tours to the Los Angeles area and up to Seattle and Mount Rainer. The twin electric outside rear view mirrors, cruise control and A/C make this a very nice road car and the 325 hp Ford small block makes...
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    Long trip in a GT40

    I decided it was time to test the GTD40's mettle on the open road and as a "Grand Touring" car. My wife and I used our custom luggage for packing (2 Walmart bags stuffed into the door pockets) and headed off to the Seattle area from the San Francisco Bay Area for a long weekend with our...
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    GT40 in Shepparton, Victoria

    I was just talking with a friend in Shepparton, Vic.. He tells me that he has just recently seen a white GT40 with black or dark blue stripe driving around town. Is this anyone here on the forum? If so I would like to see some pictures.
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    Steering Rack Mountings for GTD 40

    The rubber mountings used to hold the Steering Rack Assembly in place on my GTD need to be replaced. Can anyone help me in identifying them so I can buy replacement Rubber mounts?
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    289 water passages

    I have been told that there are water passages in the heads of a 289 that do not have openings onto the earlier (1965-66) blocks. My understanding is that there is a template for locating the right position to drill these openings into the block and improve cooling. Anyone familiar with this...
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    Renault Transaxle Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Anyone out there know who in the US might carry repair kits for these slave cylinder units. I have a Lucas part number SP 9917 but can't find a supplier here. The transaxle is a 5 speed Renault.
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    Christmas Toy GT40 Mouse

    This is a pretty cool little mouse with lights that work and it fits the hand nicely.
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    Converting plastic back to oil

    Has anyone seen this demo or heard of this process. It looks interesting if it isn't snake oil! the link is Man Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil
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    Rack and Pinion Steering Boots

    I have a 1990 GTD that needs new boots on the steering Rack. Can anyone confirm what might fit?
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    CV Joints for GTD

    Anyone know the part number for the CV joints used on the GTD halfshafts?
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    Rear Carrier Hub Bearings for a GTD

    I think that the rear carrier bearings are from a 1988/89 Merkur Scorpio but am not sure. Does anyone out there have a part number, bearing id number or know for sure what was used on the GTD original steel carrier with disc brakes?
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    Power Outside Reae View Mirrors

    I bit the bullet and bought the elctric mirrors off of a Chrysler Crossfire. I think thet look like they were made for the car. Now comes the hard part - wiring them up to the control switch.
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    What make of GT-40 is this?

    Please review the attached pictures and identify from the attached pictures. Is this an ERA?
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    How to celebrate your 75th Birthday!!

    just a practice run for the big bash at Howards next Saturday. If you can play with these toys you will never get old!
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    Value of an unfinished GT40 kit

    I have a friend who has a GTD/KVA kit. He has made many modifications to it but has never tackled the body, wiring and finish work. The car has Wilwood brakes, ZF tranny and modified 289. He has finally come to the realization that he will never have the time to finish this project. It is a...