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    Audi 01E Main Case

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows if the front main case of the Audi 01E is the same on the quatros and on the two wheel drive versions. I'm looking for a main case as I have just split my case on the left hand side where the drive shaft comes out to the front of the main case where it...
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    Need help to import

    Hi guys, I need help to import parts from West Sussex Great Brittan to Sydney Australia. I'm building a Lexus IS200 track car and I'm importing suspension part from a BTCC lexus which would be loaded on a crate. I'm finding it hard to find a shipping company to do it at a reasonable price. Time...
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    6.1L Hemi

    Hey guys, I'm working on a Valiant Charger with a new gen 6.1L nemi motor. We're running an after market EMS and I need to know the tooth count of the Crank and Cam trigger wheels. I've looked everywhere with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. regards
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    Tilton Carbon Clutch

    I've just gone through another clutch and I need to address this problem once and for all. The clutches which I have been using are said to be rated at 800hp to 1,000hp (which I think is bulls##t) and no mention of their torque rating. What I'm looking at is going to a twin or tripple Tilton...
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    01E Oil Cooler

    Hi guys, I'm after your thoughts on running an oil cooler for the 01E. Since the box is out now and getting fitted with custom straight cut dog gears, I thought it would be a good idea to install an oil cooler. I'll be running an electric oil pump ( 8L/m) which would be feed from the drain on...
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    RF134 on the dyno

    Here's a short video posted on youtube taken on my phone during the initial tuning. The quality is poor but it gives a rough idea of the music the car makes. I've tried to attach the link but have't been able to. It's on youtube under GT40 turbo @ JEM dyno.
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    RF134 in Street Machine.

    Hey guys, just to let you know RF134 is featured in the curent Street Machine magazine. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. It will also be featured in Zoom magazine in November. Bob
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    Bob's RF40MKII #134

    Finally I have some day shots to post of the car. Little bit of history first. The chassis was ordered in January 06 and was in my garage in March 06. All the work was done in my 2 car garage exept for the emmission testing and engine build. The emmission testing took almost six months to pass...
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    Thank You RF

    Just want to thank Paul and the boys from RF for the great service they provide. I needed parts and before I know it, they are at my front door. So thanks guys. Bob.
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    Ford 4.6L MOD Motor

    I'm looking at doing some work on a 4.6L Mustang Cobra Motor (2001) , but can't find any manuals or information here in Australia. Could anyone please help me out with info on manuals or building these motors. ie:tolerances, taking them apart and putting them together etc; Thanks in advance Bob
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    1999/2001 Cobra Injector Size

    Would anyone know the factory injector size in a 1999/2001 Mustang Cobra Motor? Thanks Bob
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    AP Brakes Master Cylinder Size

    I have the AP Brake upgrade offered from RF with 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rear calipers. I'm looking at what size master cylinders others are using on the three cylinder floor mounter pedal box. Reason I'm asking is that my brakes take a lot of effort to stop and this may improve...
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    Thermostat on new 4.6L

    Would anyone know what thermostat is used on the 4.6L mustang cobra motor that RF uses? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Bob.
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    Looking for hole to stick my oil in!

    Hey guys, I have an Audi O1E 6 speed and can't find the filler hole for the gear oil to put oil in gearbox. May be a dumb question but I dont want to be pulling nuts and plugs off for no reason. Can you help? Thanks Bob.
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    Engine Numbers

    Hey guys, I have a 2001 Mustang Cobra 4.6l engine and I'm wondering where the engine numbers are located and what sequence of numbers should I be looking for? Thanks Bob
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    4.6L Firing Order

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone would know the firing order of a 4.6L Mustang Cobra motor (year 2000) and also the piston count(left to right, back to front). Need this to wire computer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Bob
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    How Many GT40's in Aus?

    I'm always being asked by friends, "How many GT40 are there in Aus?" so I decided to find out. Would anyone know roughly how many MK1 there are in Aus? Would anyone know how many MKII there are? As I have a MKII, when I purchesed it from RF, Robert told me that it's the second MKII apart from...
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    Seatbelt Mounts

    I'm using the original seatbelts from RF to get through rego. I know where the top mount for the seatbelt is, what I'm struggeling with is where the bottom mount nearest to the sill is mounted to. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Flywheel bolts

    Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone would know the tourque setting for the flywheel bolts on a new mustang cobra mod motor. Just about to put the new flywheel on with new ARP bolts and don't want to get this wrong. Thanks.
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    Hand Brake

    Hi all, Does anyone know what handbrake lever is used for the RF kits? Thanks Bob