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    Hella Headlight Connector Help

    I am ready to make the wiring harness for the headlight of my GT-R, but don't know the connector that I need. Does anyone know the part number and where to order the connector for the Hella headlights?
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    Problem with the Summit Raptor Pro

    I am getting close to having the wiring complete and was checking each circuit and hit the wall with the turn signals and driving lights. Everyone says to check all of the connections, then re-check the grounds. All of my connections are crimped, soldered and waterproofed with heat shrink...
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    Wiper Motor Control

    I have decided to replace the Infinity wiring system with a more typical "Hot Rod" wiring system from Ron Francis Wiring. I am in the process of installing the system and realized that the Infinity System had built in controller for the windshield wiper motor. Does anyone have any suggestions...
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    Adding the Clutch Pressure Switch to the Wiring

    I am wondering how do you add the clutch pressure switch to the Infinity Wiring? I saw no mention of it in the information sent with the Infinity kit.
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    Graziano Fluids Pre-filled?

    I went to add gear lube to my Graziano transaxle, and in opening the side access, fluid started to come out. Are these pre-loaded with gear lube? Should I drain what is in it and add new fluids? Does anyone know the amount of gear lube the Graziano takes? I have a tranny cooler. Do I need...
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    Alternator Connector Plug

    Can anyone tell me what plug I need to attach to a GM Alternator #25766345 that is normally from a CTS-V 2005 5.7L? I want to wire the alternator and I am having trouble identifying which plug will fit this alternator for a three wire set up.
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    Graziano Trans Cooler Thread Specs

    Does anyone know the thread specs on the Graziano Transaxle cooler inlets and outlets? I know what they are not - AN8 or AN6.
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    Positive to Negative Conversion for Mastercell

    I am using the Summit Raptor Pro to provide much of the switching via the steering wheel. I need to have the inputs to the Master cell be ground based. I know I saw it somewhere, but can anyone point me to the wiring needed to convert the wires that normally attach to the GM steering column into...
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    Connector Suggestions

    I am starting the wiring process for the GT-R and would like to use plugs to be able to disconnect things such as the headlights, turn signals and interior lights. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of plug to use and the place to get them?
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    Dual Fan Control

    In planning the electrical system, does anyone have any recommendations for the cooling fan control system?
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    Starter Button and Battery Switch

    I am getting ready to start the electrical aspects of the build. The Infinity system looks straight forward, but there are a number of things that need to be added. I have seen starter buttons and battery switches in some builds. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best options for...
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    Coolant System Overflow Tank

    I am working on the details of the cooling system and have the pressurized "Header" tank worked out. In looking at the overflow tank, I have a -4AN fitting going to a 1/8th NPT at the top of the tank, and a drain at the bottom. Shouldn't there be a hose connected to the NPT thread going to the...
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    Coolant Temperature Sensor

    I am using an LS3 as the basic motor, but using the Holley Dominator engine control system because it will handle dual throttle bodies. I need to order a coolant temperature sensor, but wondered if there is a specific feature or model I should be using. It may be a question for Holley, but I...
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    LS Steam Tube

    I have read in the Superlite Build Manual that the steam tube from the LS motor can be run straight to the Header (pressurized) tank in the coolant system rather than run to the radiator and back to the header tank. That would certainly make things easier, but is it better? I plan to mount the...
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    Heater Hose with "T"

    I have seen a number of builds with a "T" installed in the heater hose between the heater hose leaving the motor and the hose attaching to the heater control valve. Can anyone clarify what that "T" is for?
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    Pedal Assembly Modifications

    I assembled the Tilton Pedals and will be using the GM DRW. The RCR mount fit fine and I created the linkage to connect the DBW unit to the accelerator pedal. The low attachment on the pedal and the higher mounting on the extension arm made for great pedal feel and full range of pedal motion...
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    Tilt Steering Mounting

    I have my dashboard roughly in position. When the seat and the steering wheel are in position, the steering wheel is directly in the middle of the tachometer. The tilt is rather useless in that it goes lower than anyone would ever use, but does not go high enough. If I do not need the turn...
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    Superlite GT-R Fog Lights/Turn Signals

    I am building a Superlite GT-R and am considering putting fog lights/turn signals in the lower front facia. I don't feel they need to be or look original, just want something that looks good. Does anyone have suggestions on options and the source?
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    Reducing the Play in the Steering Linkage

    The joints in the steering linkage have some degree of play that I would like to reduce. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Brake Line Valve Install

    I am working on the brake lines and want to add the one way valves and the pressure switch to the system, but I don't know the thread specs for these items. I am using 3AN flex lines for everything that attaches to the pedal assembly. I would like to avoid attacking the hard lines that were...