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    RCR/SLC adapter plate G96.01

    I think there's a couple people who've used the RCR/SLC adapter kit for the g96.01 and LS. All I received was the adapter plate and flywheel. I know others have at least gotten bolts but I'm not sure about instructions. I've got a donor flexplate from an 04 C5, but it doesn't seem to align...
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    Fuel Pressure explained

    Nothing ground breaking here but this short article put a couple concepts together for me especially concerning Fuel pressure and injectors on forced induction systems and return vs returnless so I thought I'd share it... Fuel Pressure Explained
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    Manual steering rack question

    Crossing my fingers that I've measured everything correctly for the steering rack...however there were three options for the steering ratio on this custom rack. 3.8 turns lock to lock (slowest), 3 1/8 turns lock to lock, and 2.7 turns lock to lock (fastest). I choose the fastest (1.8...
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    Shift cable grommet for bulkhead

    Did a little searching around and not finding anything specific or of great quality but I think I've seen some on this site. Do you guys have any suggestions/solutions for grommets for shift cables through the bulkhead?
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    PTV clearance on engine rebuild

    So based on my calculations I thought I would be close to .09 clearance with my current setup. I installed .04 cometic gaskets for improved quench and I've tested two cylinders and got about .06 PTV clearance with checker springs on the intake side. I've heard that due to using weaker check...
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    LS and Transaxle mating guide?

    I thought rebuilding the LS would be a snap, but there's always little things that slow you down (when you're not a pro). I'm getting close to mating my G96 transaxle, but not having done it before, I don't have a lot of confidence that it will be a breeze. I realize there's tons of...
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    Superlite Fiberglass Voids

    Basically was able to just push through most of these voids with my fingers. How typical would you say this is of Superlites body work?
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    SLC steering rack

    Can someone tell me the manufacturer and model number of the steering rack used in the SLC? We are using it in the Apex.
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    Fuel filter worth looking at

    Injector Dynamics Filter. Should be out soon. Depending on the cost, I may give this a shot.
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    Airbox/Intake design

    Has anybody ran across good information on airbox and intake pipe design. I know a lot of the SLC take air straight from the tail area instead of the side scoops but I plan on pulling air from the b pillar scoops of the apex. Reading on Bernoulli's equation and venturi's but not sure I fully...
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    Rigi Grip for stainless coolant tubing

    Thinking about using Rigi Grip for my coolant tubing which will be exposed in the tunnel under the car. Was thinking this would help with heat transfer and surprisingly the 1.5" is slightly thicker and 15% cheaper than plain stainless. good idea? bad? 1.5" x .035 smooth stainless 1.5" x...
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    Body work suggestions

    Can someone direct me to a thread or two on the suggested path to body work on these gel coated fiberglass bodies? I'm unfortunately in the situation where I'm now building my car a couple miles from my house. This just means I can't pop into the garage and get things done and is going to slow...
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    Open Builds Plasma CNC

    I'm considering building an Open Builds Ox based Plasma CNC table. I think it will help fabricate a bunch of the parts I'm going to need in my APEX build. Problem is every minute and $ spent building IT is not spent on the not sure how much use it will get after. I'd be using a...
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    ABS and traction control on Apex

    I am entertaining the idea of adding both ABS and traction control to my Apex build. Would like your opinions on having (OR not having as many of you prefer) them on your cars AND if you have information on incorporating the C5 ABS as a standalone. My car will be about 75% street use so I think...
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    Rocker Panel straightness on Donor Eclipse

    Can someone tell me how important the straightness of the rocker panel on the donor car is. Are little dents fine on the lip underneath? Most of these cars look like they drove off curbs etc. This fine? Are dents like this on the lip okay? <a...
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    LBC Build Log - Apex

    I don't have much to post since I don't have my kit yet or an eclipse (hopefully soon). Here is some of the prep work I did on suspension parts. I decided to change out my bushings on the control arms. While I was at it decided to paint them. Lots of degreasing, scrubbing, and taping...
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    Dual filler neck - fuel AND oil cap- APEX

    One of the things that I've been thinking about is the routine maintenance on the APEX - the primary thing really is oil changes since the rear body is not removable - reaching up through the body or removing part of your bulkhead to fill oil does not seem fun or easy. I'm considering...
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    Transmission Compatibility G87/21

    I've seen some discussion but not related to this specific model of Porsche transmission so I just want to confirm. The G96/01 is obviously compatible with the LS and adapters from KEP but has different bellhousing pattern then G50. Also the fact that the G86/01 from the Boxster is basically...
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    factory fuel pump for surge

    Does anybody know if you can use the factory C5 fuel pump as a low pressure pump from fuel cell to surge tank (w/ a return to fuel cell). I haven't dug into mine yet but I'll part it out as a whole unit if I can't use it. Not familiar with the jet pump setup.
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    Holley HP EFI, TC, and Isis

    Two questions. First I searched around a little but didn't find much on here. Wondering if many of you have used the Holley HP or Dominator in your builds and how you like it. Did you buy the harness as well or have to modify? How was the learning/tuneability in this application...