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    FS USA Well worn Avon 295/50-15 tires (Free)

    Just putting the feelers out there before I dismount these tires, presently at 6700 miles. Is there anyone in the Colorado area that can use a set of well worn Avon rears for mockup purposes? You can let these age out while you finish your car then buy fresh tires when you're road ready. FREE...
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    What's better than two GT40s in Colorado?

    Three of course! This 'meet-n-greet' was Sunday morning, south of Denver in Lone Tree. We had Scott (CScott67), who hauled his car all the way from Daytona Beach to play for a day, and Mike (MHNCO) with his ultra clean SPF. Tom and Scott then headed west for a short, fun drive in the...
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    FS USA SAS Pure Air 2000 Respirator System

    I have a spare, new-in-box Pure-Air 2000 Opti-Fit breathing air system that was never used. SAS Pure Air 2000 With Opti-Fit Respirators The SAS Pure Air 2000 With Opti-Fit Respirator is a unique respiratory protection system that utilizes a single air line to provide clean, filtered Grade...
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    FS USA Wilwood Reservoirs

    These are all brand new, never used. 3 - 4 oz. Universal remote reservoir kit without fittings. 3 - 10.7oz Reservoir Combination/Tandem Remote Master Cylinders (Current Style, Screw on Cap) Free Wilwood stickers included! Wilwood brake accessories web page $30 for the box of...
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    FS USA Door Eyebrows

    Door Eyebrows, as delivered in raw form from RCR. New, never used/mounted. $90, plus flat-rate shipping from Colorado. From RCR's site...."All GT40s have doors that cut deeply into the roof. At high speed, the doors tend to lift out of the body. These lightweight fiberglass "eyebrows" keep...
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    FS USA Canton Oil Breather Filters

    Two new in box, Canton Oil Breather filters. This Chrome plated valve cover breather is made to work with a 1-3/8" breather tube. The filter element uses a woven cotton fabric enclosed in a wire mesh. The cotton fiber holds oil which traps dirt particles without restricting the air flow...
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    FS USA Bonnet Latch Assembly

    Hood or Bonnet Latch Assembly. New, never used. $50, plus CONUS shipping from Colorado Info These trunk or hood latch assemblies allow you to use an OEM-type assembly on your car. Most people would mount the female latch in the body and the male pin on the trunk or hood. Male pin can be...
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    FS USA Mocal 13 Row -10 Oil Cooler

    Think Automotive Ltd MOCAL, 13 Row, 235mm, 10 JIC Male, Oil Cooler New in box, never installed. This oil cooler is also used in Cobras. $105 plus CONUS shipping
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    FS USA Power Wiper Kit

    Its a Snap! Brand new, never used, wiper kit includes wiper motor, wiring, switch, wiper transmissions which fits common sized wiper arms, and aluminum tubing for housing the drive cable. This came with the RCR GT-40 parts. Max dimensions: 37 L x 6 W x 6 D + Heavy Duty Wiper Motor + Wiring...
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    FS USA Thermo-Tec 11710 24" X 24" Micro-Louver Air Shield

    This one is hard to find... The aluminum Micro Louver Air Shield helps block direct radiant heat while still allowing air to flow into the heat source while the vehicle is moving. The textured patterns created by the micro air louvers also create more surface area for heat dissipation. It...
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    FS USA GT-40 17" Wide BRM-Style Pin-Drive Wheels/Tires

    I wasn't sure which way to go with wheel diameter with my RCR build, so I bought both sizes. I ordered these through Vintage Wheels and had the rear 17" wheels widened from 10" to 12.5"sets. That modification alone was over $1850 for the rear wheels, the Weldcraft's widening process, and...
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    FS USA Rear Captive Bonnet Pin Brackets

    Rear Bonnet Captive Pin Brackets Not sure what to call these but you get the picture...they are extras from an RCR build but can be used on other cars using a hood pin kit. These are in raw form. You can drill lightening holes, etc, as pictured in the example below. $50 for both, plus...
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    FS USA Sponsorship Decals

    (SOLD) Sponsorship Decals Historic Motorsports decals. Two sets each (total of 4 pages of decals). $30 for all 4, plus shipping from Colorado.
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    FS USA Headlight mounts

    Headlight mounts (SOLD) These are two extra headlight mounts that came with my RCR. They should work on most any accurate GT-40 body. $50 for both, plus shipping in a flat-rate envelope from Colorado.
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    FS USA Round Fuel Cell Fill Plates

    -SOLD- Round Fuel Cell Fill Plates New, never used from ATL Fuel Cells, I have two Fuel Cell Container Fill Plates (TF-107), with gaskets. Specs from Summit: ATL Fuel Cell Container Fill Plates TF107 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Fill Plate Bolt Hole Quantity: 12...
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    FS USA Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump

    -SOLD- Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump I have a new Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump, new, still sealed in the bag. Part # 29259, 140 gph, 12 psi max, 3/8 NPT From Summit: Mallory Comp Pump Fuel Pumps 29259 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing These Comp Pump...
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    FS USA Fuel Tank Pickup tubes

    -SOLD- Fuel Tank Pickup tubes These are two spare fuel tank pickups with gasket that came with my RCR GT-40. An AN8 bulkhead fitting, tip over valve, or vent fitting can be used in the spare hole. $20 for both plus shipping from Colorado.
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    FS USA Hoosier 275/60-15 Street TD tires

    (SOLD) Hoosier 275/60-15 Street TD tires I have two of these Hoosier TD tires that were only mounted in the rear of my GT-40 once and used for mockup in my garage. See attached pic below to see how they look. They have not been on the road. I don't think shipping will cost much if they can...
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    Jim Pace - two laps in a 1966 GT40 MKII onboard at VIR

    Nice onboard with Jim Pace narrating two laps in a 1966 GT40 MKII onboard at VIR. Jim Pace narrates two laps in a 1966 GT40 MKII onboard at VIR - YouTube
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    FS USA Chrome Bullet Mirrors

    Chrome Bullet Mirrors (SOLD) I went through mirror OCD during my build and purchased a few different styles till I settled on what I wanted. Some were returned, others stuck around. Here are two of the Pegasus Auto Racing Chrome Bullet Mirrors up for sale, still new, never mounted. From the...