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  1. Dave Hood

    1963 Lola Mk6

    If you've not seen this, it's a great video of the Lola Mk6.
  2. Dave Hood

    SPF Radiator Replacement

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my SPF radiator ended its life due to corrosion that could not be repaired. I called Superformance in Irvine, CA and was quoted a price of $1,900. That inspired me to take the radiator to a company here in Charlotte that builds radiators and oil coolers for...
  3. Dave Hood

    GT40 and Cobra Driving Experience

    Not sure if anyone has seen this website, but you can hire a private instructor in a GT40 for a day on one of several different tracks. Only $5,000 for the day....
  4. Dave Hood

    Agreed upon value for SPF MK1 Cars

    My current insurance company, Infinity Insurance, is existing the classic car business. As I'm looking at alternatives, I also want to increase my agreed upon value. My current policy is at $136,000, and I'm thinking it should be closer to $175,000 at this point. The companies I'm considering...
  5. Dave Hood

    Ken Miles' MKII From Ford vs. Ferrari

    In case you missed it, the car used in the movie sold at Mecum this weekend for $484,000.
  6. Dave Hood

    Excellent Video Posted to YouTube

    The following video was posted to YouTube today showing the GT40 that Ken Miles drove at LeMans in 1966. Some nice shots of that car as well as others.
  7. Dave Hood

    External Slave Cylinder

    Paul Whitlock is in the process of installing a new engine for me. While we're making that change, Paul suggested that we replace the internal slave cylinder in my ZF transmission with the original type shaft and fork throw out bearing assembly with external slave cylinder. Pictures of the...
  8. Dave Hood

    Changing my 347 Stroker Engine

    Paul Whitlock removed my original engine today and we're going to be upgrading to a 363 Ford Dart block engine being built by Prestige Motorsports in Concord, NC. Should generate 500hp out of the new engine and it will be a nice upgrade. Will still be running my Borla Eight Stack system with...
  9. Dave Hood

    Shelby American 23rd Annual Collection and Car Show

    If anyone is planning to be in the Denver area on August 31, this would be an awesome event to attend.
  10. Dave Hood

    Ford GT and GT40s at Mecum Monterey

    In case you didn't see it, here are the results of three interesting cars at the Mecum auction this weekend. I'm surprised that they sold the Shelby American GT40 for only $115,000. Someone lost a lot of money on that one. The other Superformance MKI went for much more money. The auction...
  11. Dave Hood

    Charlotte Motor Speedway April 13

    For those of you who live in the Southeast, the Mustang Owner's Museum is hosting a track day April 13th on the ROVAL course at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The ROVAL combines sections of the speedway track with an infield road course. The ROVAL will be used this Fall as part of the NASCAR...
  12. Dave Hood

    FAST 2.0 EFI Install

    A few weeks back I had Paul Whitlock (here in Charlotte) swap out my old Pantera fuel injection system with the FAST 2.0 self-learning unit. The install was a bit tricky since I'm running an Eight Stack EFI system that draws so much air. But Paul did an amazing job getting it right. Along...
  13. Dave Hood

    Road America July 2017

    In case you haven't seen this video. Unfortunate accident at the start of the race in July at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. The red MKII car is owned by Dennis Olthoff, but I'm not sure who was driving it. Doc Bundy's Accident at Road America 2017. - YouTube
  14. Dave Hood

    Fast ez-efi 2.0

    In a few weeks I'm planning to upgrade my ECU on my Eight Stack fuel injection to the most recent version of the FAST self-tuning system. Is anyone using the new FAST ECU? Any feedback?
  15. Dave Hood

    Flaps to Minimize Tire Debris

    Paul Whitlock recently installed rubber flaps on my back and front clip to minimize the amount of debris my Avons kick up. It's amazing how this easy fix (which you hardly notice) works. Now, instead of having to vacuum my engine bay after every drive, there are virtually no stones to deal...
  16. Dave Hood

    GT40 #1046 on Chasing Classic Cars

    Tonight's episode on Chasing Classic Cars features #1046, the MKII car that won LeMans in 1966. The car is currently owned by RK Motors in Charlotte. RK Motors - GT40 P/1046 The show begins at 9:00pm Eastern on the Velocity Channel.
  17. Dave Hood

    Paul Whitlock

    Many of us on the forum have worked before with Paul Whitlock, a long-term employee at Olthoff Racing.* I called Paul a couple of weeks back for some advice, and he mentioned that he is no longer with Olthoff Racing. He and his Uncle have set up a shop located near the Charlotte Airport.* I...
  18. Dave Hood

    CAV GT40 at Barrett Jackson

    FYI - this CAV is going tomorrow (Sunday) at no reserve, at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale. Will be interesting to watch. 1966 FORD GT40 RE-CREATION
  19. Dave Hood

    CAV GT40 MK1 Recent Sale

    Thought the Forum members might want to see this CAV that was sold recently by RK-Motors in Charlotte for $109,000. Less than 500 miles on the car. Active Inventory | RK Motors Charlotte | Collector and Classic Cars
  20. Dave Hood

    Original GT40 MK1 for sale

    I saw this car advertised. Curious if anyone knows about the car. Legendary Motorcar Company | | Original 1967 Ford Mk1 GT40