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    Superformance MK1 Chassis 2356 built in 2016

    1700 miles. Superformance GT40 chassis 2356. Shipped from South Africa on 4/9/2015. Assembled in 2016. This one of a kind build features a Ford Motorsports 427 with Inglese 8 stack injection. Quaife 5spd transaxle. No expense spared build. Three ring binder included features every step of...
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    Chassis mods on SPF to fit Quaife 62G

    Noticed the Quaife is a bit longer than the RBT unit and therefore the chassis has to be modded. Anyone have a drawing/pic of what all needs changed to fit? Can’t seem to find any threads on it. Also Quaife only rates to 500hp but seems like every new SPF roller I’m seeing on the market has the...
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    Need SPF MK1 wheel spinner

    Hey guys. Not liking the way one of my spinners looks. Need one SPF MK1 for wine glass wheels. Anyone know where I can get one?
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    Headlight Cover Sealing/Mods?

    Spent most of this week sealing up the chassis and heat/sound proofing. Does anyone know of a vendor that sells headlight lenses made of Lexan with black painted boarders all around and improved sealing for moisture? The factory SPF pieces are less than ideal. The weatherstripping works more...
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    Creaking noise when turning wheel on SPF

    Seems to have gotten worse and heat seems to make it worse. Can hear very loud in the car. Outside can hear too. Anyone every experience this? Is there a bushing that goes bad? Something to lubricate?
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    I’ve searched all over including manual and can’t seem to find step by step directions to adjust pedals on SF. Can anyone help fit these size 13s and 33” inseam so I can squeeze in a bit more??
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    ERA vs SPF cabin room

    Hey guys. Narrowing down between an early ERA chassis (1991) and a SPF car (2008). I understand the whole seat padding issue but wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what car has more interior room? I am 6’2 230. I’ve tried on the SPF for size and cannot fit without removing the seat and sitting...
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    WTB GT40

    Looking for a Superformance, RCR or CAV. Prefer Webber setup. Car must be perfect. Please message me if you have something. Thanks!