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  1. Dave Hood

    Phil's RCR GT40

    Phil I saw your engine on the Prestige Motorsports site this week. They built a new 363 stroker engine for me about six months ago. I have the retro Borla Eight Stack set-up with the Holley Terminator X EFI system. I could not be happier with the work that Prestige did. I don't know any...
  2. Dave Hood

    New Wheel and Tire Look

    Very nice, Gary. I love these cars in Guardsman Blue.
  3. Dave Hood

    1963 Lola Mk6

    I believe some of the original GT40s had a second filler cap that you could only access if you raised the front clip. This car could have had that design as well. Hard to see from the video. They only made three of these and he was able to buy this car for $3,000 in 1964. I'd call that one...
  4. Dave Hood

    1963 Lola Mk6

    If you've not seen this, it's a great video of the Lola Mk6.
  5. Dave Hood

    Road trip

    Congratulations, Brian. Awesome scenery. New Zealand is gorgeous.
  6. Dave Hood

    Road trip

    And all of that great driving without the fear of Covid. An American could only dream.....
  7. Dave Hood

    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    Whoever owns that, I hope they drive carefully....
  8. Dave Hood

    SPF Radiator Replacement

    Ryan, I doubt that radiator would work with any GT40 sold in the U.S. It looks like their business is focused on cars pre-1950.
  9. Dave Hood

    SPF Radiator Replacement

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my SPF radiator ended its life due to corrosion that could not be repaired. I called Superformance in Irvine, CA and was quoted a price of $1,900. That inspired me to take the radiator to a company here in Charlotte that builds radiators and oil coolers for...
  10. Dave Hood

    Headlight Cover Sealing/Mods?

    I agree, Chad. I need to remove my lenses at least once each year to clean all the debris out that worked its way through the "seal."
  11. Dave Hood

    How to adjust SPF footbox

    I love Superformance cars but the lack of documentation and after-sale support are horrific. Chris, I've approached Lance in the past to up their game but to no avail. Superformance could approach their business in one of two ways. The first would be to excel supporting their owners. That...
  12. Dave Hood


    What's the point of that? Mad Max meets Ford.
  13. Dave Hood

    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Even the SPF cars, although they are "factory built," require a skilled touch on a regular basis. Although probably not the same the same type of skilled touch that Howard was referring to.
  14. Dave Hood

    New GT40 replica in your team

    Hi Mathieu. Ravi de vous rencontrer. We look forward to seeing photos of your car once you are able to post them. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Dave Hood

    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Eric, I'm using the FAST Sportsman XFI system and really like it. It's self-learning but you can also tune it via laptop.
  16. Dave Hood

    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Eric, I'm about 40 minutes South of Dennis' shop.
  17. Dave Hood

    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Bill, you're right. They do not show up on the K&N website. I think they're made specifically for Roush. I called Roush here in Charlotte and picked them up at their shop. They were not inexpensive but they were willing to sell them to me. I felt they were the best way to protect my engine.
  18. Dave Hood

    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Eric, just my opinion on filters. I'd never risk my engine with either no filters or just small mesh filter caps that some people use on their eight stack systems. I use the K&N filters that are similar to those used by Roush on their engines.
  19. Dave Hood

    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Eric, B. When I bought my car in 2012 the engine at the time was fitted with Dynatek's prototype Eight Stack system. The concept behind their design was excellent but the tolerance on my throttle bodies was off and the engine never ran right as a result. So the unit you purchased 10 years ago...
  20. Dave Hood

    BF Goodrich tyres

    The AVONS are good for me since I attend a couple of track days each year here in Charlotte. But for day-to-day road use the speed rating should be a non-issue of course.